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Well, time to introduce the guy who made a brief appearance in this post. He gets his own post ’cause his head has been hidden away in the back of the showcase for months, haha. xD

But yeah, Cepheus is a returning character of mine. I originally had him as a white skin Dream of Doll Kalix, and then in order to make him more wolf-like, I shelled him into a Soom Chrom. However, I never liked the Soom normal skin and eventually I realised that I don’t care much for fantasy feet (even though they look cool, they are a lot of work to maintain with the blush and everything – I enjoy looking at them in other people’s photos but they’re not for me), so I sold him. At first I was dreaming of a Bronze Chrom, as Soom started re-releasing their Monthlies left and right… but I came to the conclusion that while Chrom is extremely handsome and has one of the nicest noses in the dolly world, he isn’t quite as expressive as I’d like. And, well, Chrom looks very Asian to me, so I’d rather own that sculpt as a Korean human guy, ahah. xD;; So yeah, I decided to look for a new sculpt. I thought of Ringdoll Sol for a while, but then I realised that they use Environmental resin, which is pretty similar to French resin in terms of looks and feel (I hate French resin), so that plan was a no-go. Eventually Dollshe brought back the old sculpts, and then I figured that damn: IM Hound would make a nice grumpy wolf. xD I decided to buy the pale tan IM Hound head when I ordered René… it just took a while to collect Ceph’s stuff together (wig, outfit, boots) so that I could introduce him. He will share a body and eyes with René, because they’re from different storylines and I wouldn’t photograph them together anyway – and most importantly, it’ll save me money and space. x’D

When he was Chrom, I made him into this forest hermit… but that was kinda boring ’cause he didn’t have interaction with Nyx. So, I decided to revert him back into the role that he had as Kalix: Nyx’s servant and lover. I’m keeping his Chrom backstory, though… he’s still a wolf who took on a human form when he fell in love with a mortal woman, named Xanthe. Cepheus lived with her for a while among humans in a small village and they had a child. However, when the villagers discovered the child, who was a part human and a part wolf, they thought that the child was a demon. Xanthe tried to escape with the child, but the villagers caught her and drowned her into a nearby lake and buried her outside the village. Cepheus had been away and didn’t return in time to save his family. Devastated, he wandered for a while until his path crossed with Kreios, the Lord of the Underworld. He offered Cepheus a position in his court, which the wolf accepted. He ended up in the Queen, Nyx’s service and became her lover. In reality Xanthe isn’t dead. After Cepheus left, her corpse was dug up and mutilated by a pack of wolves. She rose from the dead and now wanders this world as a vrykolakas, a sort of vampire (I’ve taken some artistic liberities with this creature, of course, since it’s my own fictional story – but that’s what I based her vampire form on). Cepheus isn’t aware of this, naturally, otherwise he would leave Nyx and look for his wife.

But yes, here are some photos that I’ve taken of him (and Nyx) so far. A couple of them are somewhat sexual and contain nudity, so be warned… my fantasy characters, especially the demons, are pretty sexual for the most part, ahahah. xD;;; They sleep around a lot… like Nyx loves, respects and fears Kreios, but that doesn’t stop her from having lovers. Kreios has even more lovers than her, though – and he doesn’t love Nyx. He actually cares very little about her, lol… only married her for her beauty and regretted it when he found out what a delusional, nagging bitch she is. :’3 … yes, I’m such a nice creator.


  • Fyrd

    Cepheus is back! I loved his looks as Chrom, but he looks very striking as Hound as well.

    Too bad the photos are sliced with my phone (they won’t align properly), but I’ll have a closer look when I get home to a widescreen.

    • mizya

      Yup, he is~ x3 I really love the IM Hound sculpt for him, now he’s properly frowny with furrowed eyebrows, haha. xD Too bad his wig covers up his forehead… Leeke wigs have such stupid bangs, ugh. -__-;; But I like this black/grey mixed colour, so I don’t really want to change the wig… :< And yeah, I finally thought of visiting this blog with my phone a few days back (I only recently got a smartphone so I haven't had a way to check before) and the theme doesn't seem to have a mobile version... I think that in a later upgrade for this theme they've included a better mobile version, but I haven't upgraded it yet because that will reset all the colours and it was a lot of work to change the whole layout from light blue to dark grey. I think I'll try updating the layout next summer when I'm on holiday and have more time to waste, lol. xD

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