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Some random Baal photos that I took quickly after I finished blushing his paws… nothing too special as it was already getting dark and I had to hurry. He’s been wearing one of Apate’s wigs now because it looks super cute on him and I only just ordered him a new default wig… sooooo I don’t want him to be bald in the mean time. He’s just a baby so it doesn’t matter to me whether he dresses like a boy or a girl. In my fantasy world gender roles don’t even exist, they don’t have these rules of what is acceptable or not for boys and girls. Like, for example, Nereus is a man but he’s veeeery feminine. And it’s no big deal. No one cares. So yeah, I can dress Baal however I want, haha. xD The last time I had him, I only dressed him in “boyish” clothes and dark colours… and I ended up selling him. So, it’s safe to say that it didn’t work out too well… =.=;;;

This one I took yesterday in better lighting, before his paws were finished… so he still had the human limbs. He’s much cuter with his paws, though. >////< ♥


  • ensei

    Aww, he’s adorable *^* I just got myself a NS Feny, but I’d love to have a WS one too… (well, actually I got a WS surprised head as well and I’m keeping it secret from my mum ^^”). But I need to do much university work first, and then I’ll be able to play with him, hoping I make it until Autumn ends, I want to take him some pics in the leaves. Your blushing and face-up skills are brilliant. I’d love to see Baal in a boy outfit <3 Looking forward to the next pics *^^*

    • mizya

      Thank you very much and congratulations on your Feny! ^^ I’m not yet sure if I will be keeping mine, I have a bit of trouble bonding with him… he is really cute, but he has very few usable angles for photography and dolls like that tend to bore me fast because I love taking photos. I don’t want all of the photos looking the same, so I need a doll that can give me more than one expression (and I can photograph the doll from more than three different angles) .__.;; But I guess I’ll wait for a while and see if I’ll start liking him better or not. I finally got his default wig yesterday, at least.

      And he is wearing his own clothes… I don’t see why boys can’t wear cute clothes with lace? Why should those be considered “girls’ clothes”? Some boys want to be cute too, I’m sure. :3

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