With my sister

Since I’ll be away from home for the next two weeks, I wanted to play with some dolls and props… since I can’t drag everything with me, haha. Also, I won’t be able to take any Christmas-y photos so these will kind of compensate for those… since they have a warm family feeling. And to me Christmas is about spending time with your family.

So yeah, since I finally got the Re-ment kotatsu, I did this small set up… it’s a bit silly to use the same walls and floor as for the café, I know, but I don’t have another cardboard to make new walls, so… I’ll have to make do with this for now.

I planned to make a new cover for the kotatsu, but I managed to screw it up and couldn’t use it so had to go with the bright orange Rilakkuma cover. x__x Ugh, I really don’t like how bright it is… I edited it a bit more dull for the photos, lol!

But here are a few photos of my cute siblings:

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