The Warmth of November

I’d rather we had cold weather and snow, but… seems like we no longer get proper winters here in Finland. -__-; *sigh* But anyway, I took Kotori out for a small photoshoot today… I haven’t been able to photograph outdoots in weeks ’cause I’ve been sick so I was a bit rusty. But Kotori’s cuteness makes up for it, ahah. xD

She’s the cutest doll that I’ve ever had. ;__; 萌えすぎる~ ♥

I swear I’m gonna die from the cuteness one of these days, haha! xD I’m sooo happy that I have her! ;u; ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  • Valneanne

    I have to say that I envy Kotori’s coat. I want that for myself! XD She looks so snuggly and warm in it! And yes, she’s utterly adorable and her little smile is to die for! I love the picture where she’s sitting and looking down, very adorable! You’re not alone in not getting proper winters anymore, we don’t either. There was frost on the ground a day back or so and that’s the closest we’ve gotten to snow here yet. I’d much rather have cold and snow that the seemingly eternal darkness that we currently have! At least snow brightens things up a bit and reflects light a little!

    • mizya

      Yeah, the coat is my favourite part of her outfit! xD And now that I’ve noticed I can mix & match it with other pieces of clothing that I have as well, I love it even more~ ♥

      Yeah, we’ve gotten a bit of snow a couple of times but then the next day the weather gets all warm again and the snow turns into wet slush. -.-;; And after that it melts away. I really hate how it’s so warm, I want it to be cold!! I want snow!!! And sunlight!!! I was born in winter so I’m a total winter child, I just love it so much. xD And like you said, it’s MUCH lighter out when there’s snow. The evenings are so damn dark and depressing right now. ;__; Well, at least soon it’ll be Christmas and after that the days will slowly start getting longer again… and I really don’t like having a black Christmas, so there’d better be some snow by then!

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