The Café is open

Since yesterday I FINALLY got that second Re-ment table, I was able to complete my café diorama. Because, well, I thought that a café with just one table would be a little sad, ahah. xD It looks much better to me now… and I was able to get a matching set of chairs for one table, so in that sense I’m happy too. It really bothered me that the chairs were different colours, lol! Ideally I’d wanted another of those dark wooden tables, but since this white one was much easier (and a whole lot cheaper) to get from Amiami, I went with that.

But anyway, I took a few snapshots of Yumei and Akemi in their waitress uniforms in the diorama. :3 Today’s weather is terrible for photography, occasionally there are less clouds so the sun almost gets to peek through… BUT it’s really windy, so within seconds the wind may blow a thick layer of clouds in front of the sun, and suddenly it’s super dark. -__-;; Especially Yumei is so frustrating because her knees are SO loose… I wasted a lot of light trying to battle with her. Grrr! I wonder if at some point I may need to take a risk and order her a new body, in hopes of getting better legs for her…

I suppose that’s enough rambling for now, here are the photos:


And then a small snapshot of the props… not very good, I don’t have quite enough floor so I can’t back away far enough to get everything fully in one photo. For this one I cheated and created additional floor with Photoshop, too. xD Bless the content-aware fill tool, lol~

Gahh, why didn’t I notice that the white table’s flower is off center ?? x’D

I doubt I can do any proper photoshoots and stories until in summer… winter is such a horrible time for indoors photography, way too dark. -.-;;;

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