Swan Lake Raili split [for Finns/EU] – TAKEN!

Edit2: I have found a split partner for Raili! Thank you all for your interest!

Edit: I forgot to say this before but I’m mainly looking for split partners within Finland or the EU. Our postal & customs fees are very high in Finland, especially to countries outside the EU, so I’m afraid a split with me would end up being too expensive for those who live outside the EU. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

I thought that this might be the best place to look for a split partner.

So, I just ordered myself a Swan Lake Raili… but since I already have two Railis, I think I should rather just get the outfit for my existing Railis and sell the doll… since I have limited space and funds, ahah. But yeah, the doll in question is this cutiepie:

I pre-ordered her for 13300yen, so I’d split the doll for 9000yen which is around 66 euros (because there’ll be EMS shipping + customs fees). Usually on Mandarake and Y!J nude neemos tend to go for 8000-12000yen or more if they’re really rare. I can make a simple dress to include with the doll so that she won’t be completely nude.

Her release date is “Late September” so I’d assume it means somewhere between 24th to 30th of September. So that’s when I’d like for my split partner to pay for their share. Of course there is always the small chance that she’ll get delayed, but I’d still encourage to be prepared to have the money by the 24th of September at the latest.

Hopefully this cutie will find a home! Mugi and Suzu can confirm that Railis are super cute!

Now I’m off to work!

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