Sunset and flowers

I was at my parents’ place and one evening I took some photos of Kotone… I thought that she’d go well together with clovers in this long white dress. >u< ♥ Too bad ants had taken over the nicest spot with the most clovers so I couldn't put her there, grrr... I hate bugs and definitely don't want them crawling all over my sweet Kotone-chan. ;__; A bit later the sunlight peeked between the trees and I thought it'd be nice to take photos of her also with the yellow flowers. :3 The sunlight created a nice soft glow for those photos~

The photos are really repetitive, sorry about that… I had trouble narrowing them down, I liked too many of them. x__x;;; Poor Yumei didn’t get her turn in front of the camera as it got dark and mosquitoes bothered me. ^^;; Well, perhaps the next time~

Also, omake:

おまけ: This here is a cat
Valtteri was not impressed. x’D

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