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Sudden visit and a surprise

Yeah, so, I visited Yenna today… because I had a surprise for her.

Originally I thought that I’d be able to keep it for a little longer, but then… I thought that maybe it would be better to unveil it now. You see, I saw this really reasonably priced neemo up for sale and it would’ve been criminal not to buy her for such a good price. But I couldn’t really justify buying yet another neemo for myself, so then I thought… what if I gave her as a birthday present for Yenna? Since one evening she mentioned a couple of neemos that she liked and this girl just happened to be one of those, so… xD

おまけ: Lycee power!

The doll in question is the DS Progression Lycee. :3 Yenna prefers neemos with dark hair and Lycee is one of the faces that she likes, so I thought that she’d make the perfect gift. x3 Also, she was sewing some kimonos for neemos, so I thought that since I have a neemo here that I’m planning to give to her anyway, I might as well give her a model for the kimonos now, haha. xD Yenna’s Etsy shop is called Dimensions Style, btw, and those lovely kimonos are up for sale~ ♥ As well as a super cute polkadot dress! ;3

I didn’t realise to take a photo, but my wrapping for the doll box was real fancy because I only had red Christmas-y paper with golden snowflakes, lol! xD Seemed more like a super late Christmas gift than a birthday one, but let’s not be picky. :’D It was funny how she paused for a while after unboxing the doll and looked at me “Is this why you were in such a hurry to visit?”’cause I’d just gotten the package containing Momohime and Lycee the day before, so of course that evening I was like “Can I come visit you tomorrow?” haha~

Anyway, Yenna seemed to like my present, although she also cursed me because now she needs to buy shoes and other accessories for her, because obviously she doesn’t have anything in neemo size. :’D Sorryyyy… okay I’m not really sorry. Brainwashing plan success uhh, I mean, neemo friend get! >A>;;; ♥

I also grabbed Momohime with me ’cause I wanted to take some photos of her. The colours are all over the place, but I’m too tired to edit them more, ahah:

Just fullbodies, whoops. xD;; But it would be such a waste to only take close ups, when she’s so pretty and detailed! Although, maybe sometime I need to take some close ups to highlight certain details. :3 But I wanted to start with fullbodies for now~


    • mizya

      Kiitos~ ♥ Se auttaa, kun on niin kaunis malli. Tokkopa tuosta edes huonoja kuvia saisi! xD Ja Suomen luonto toimii hyvänä kuvaustaustana, olen kyllä iloinen että meillä on kaikki neljä vuodenaikaa niin saa kuvattua erilaisissa maisemissa. :3

    • mizya

      Maybe I didn’t have entirely selfless reasons for giving the gift, but.. neemos are so cute, everyone should have a few! xD

      And yup, the kimonos that Yenna made are so pretty! ♥ I’m so tempted to buy one, I have two girls that look so lovely in kimonos… >.>;; The Azone kimono that I bought is a little big on my M-girls, it’s a much better fit for Kasumi since she now has the L-body with the LL-bust. xD Yenna’s kimonos are tailored for the M-body so they’re a perfect fit~

  • Valneanne

    That’s one awesome gift! I love Lycee and I have one that I really badly want, I just keep talking myself out of it then come right back and stare at her some more xD

    And the kimonos are awesome, though I am thankful I don’t have any plans for anyone involving them. I did however notice something for MSDs that I might want to get off Yenna, so yeah… My wallet isn’t happy :P That said, I do have some stuff from her for my BJDs already and the quality is worth it!

    • mizya

      Haha. xD Yenna introduced BJDs to me so this is payback, lol~ … but I really wanted a friend IRL who also has neemos. ;__; It’s so lonely because all the other Finnish neemo owners live in different cities, not to mention all my other flickr neemo friends who live in different countries… xD Of course, I like talking with people online, in person I tend to be quite awkward… but sometimes it’d be nice to get together and take photos and blab to my heart’s content, haha! xD

      Ohh, which Lycee do you like~? :3 I still have one more Lycee favourite and she keeps popping up for really reasonable prices… but I shouldn’t buy duplicates until I have at least one of each face that I like, ahah. :’D

      Yeah, Yenna’s clothes are definitely well made~ *__* She’s the number one person to go to when I need something that I can’t make – like pants. xD Pants are the bane of my existence, damn do I hate sewing them because they never work out! Shirts, dresses and skirts are much easier. As long as they don’t have to be super well fitted… :’D

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