Something small and cute arrives

As of today, this blog is not just BJD-only. Because I got my first doll from Azone today and I don’t feel like making a completely new blog just for her, so… I’m really bad at updating websites these days anyway, so it’s easier to keep everything in one place. I’m making a category of their own for Azones, so if you’re not interested in them, it’s easy to browse BJD stuff only when you discard the Azone category completely. Eventually I’ll also have a category for figurines, since I’ll be getting my first figma on July so I’ll be photographing him too. What can I say, I like all types of dolls… and figurines. xD

But yeah, I decided to do a box opening since it was the first time I got a doll like this~ :3 But yeah, the doll in question is Azone Pureneemo EX☆Cute Komorebimori no Doubutsutachi Spring Rabbit Mia (regular version). In Japanese: アゾンピュアニーモえっくす☆きゅーと 9thシリーズ こもれび森のどうぶつたち♪ 春うさぎさん/みあ(通常販売ver.) xD Idk, since these are Japanese dolls, I prefer writing their names in Japanese… the linguist dork that I am. But yeah, I decided to name her Kotone (kanji: 寿音). :3 I really like that name and I think it suits her… well, Hisoka’s aunt is named Kotone also, but I doubt I’ll ever get her as a BJD so I decided to use that name for this doll, ahahah~

But yeah, here are the photos:

And there she is~
The packaging is really cute~

Mia and all of her things~ There was a leaflet + instructions manual, four pairs of spare hands and her clothes + shoes
And everything unpacked. I got three dresses, bloomers with a bunny tail, knitted cardigan, bag, neckwarmer, hat, bunny headband, socks and shoes with her.

Poor thing, her bangs were really long. ><;;;[/caption] [caption width="533" align="aligncenter"] Cut her bangs a bit, now she’s perfect! ♥

I’m really happy with her, she’s soooo cute! Her hair is very silky and shiny, and I really like her facial expression. :3 I might eventually have her custom painted, but for now I’m very happy with the factory paint. I really love her clothes, too, they’re versatile, can be layered and are easy to mix & match. They can be worn all year round, which is really good because we have four seasons here in Finland. Also, once I get around sewing some skirts, dresses and shirts for her, she’ll have a nice wardrobe already. The clothes are really well made… and I also like her poseability, even if it’s more limited compared to BJDs… it’s nice that these dolls come with different hand parts, it makes them a lot more expressive already. They’re easy to change, too. Her legs are rather loose, though, so it’s a bit difficult to make her stand… I don’t know if all Azone dolls are like this or not. But yeah, I’m really happy with her. She definitely won’t become my only Azone doll, that’s for sure. ;3 ♥


  • Fyrd

    I’ve seen so many Azones on BJD blogs lately, and no wonder since they are so cute. I’ll try to stay away from them myself though, since I already have BJDs, regular figures and now Nendoroids and I want to keep things simple. I’ll be looking forward to more pictures of her though, I really love that expression she has.

    And I for one don’t worry about blogs having more than just BJDs, especially if the blog is by a single hobbyist. It’d be a bit different if I was reading a BJD-news-type-blog, then I might be a bit miffed if it started to publish news about other things than BJDs. But I come here for photography, and you photograph Kotone just as beautifully as your resin dolls, so I don’t mind at all :3

    • mizya

      I’ve actively wanted an Azone since… 2011, I think? But I didn’t dare to do any proper research then because I knew I’d end up buying one if I did. And, well, now I have one… and another incoming, actually. -A-;; This always happens. I didn’t want a BJD until I did research either, lol. And I also got my second BJD pretty soon after the first one… the third took a bit longer but after that I had a longer, proper break. This same pattern may repeat with Azones, lol. x’D

      Luckily I’m not that into figurines and Nendoroids are cute, but… not for me. I prefer poseable & customisable dolls. I do have a couple of figurines on my list that I do want someday, but all of those are really expensive and sought after so I don’t know if I’ll be able to own them, ever… =A=;; I’m really picky and only want my most favourite characters. Figmas seem pretty cool, though, because they’re poseable. If I really like the one that I’m getting in July I might end up ordering more of those, uh-oh.

      But yeah, it’s good to hear that posting dolls other than BJDs here isn’t frowned upon. Well, I’d probably do it even if it was, lol… I’m a lazy person and, well, I think that everyone should be able to post about whatever they like in their own blogs. I for one love to read about all kinds of dolls, so… :3

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