Replacement hands

A few days after Amiami had shipped out my February order, I received an email saying that the B-set of hands that I’d ordered included a wrong pair of hands, so they would be sending out replacements. And those replacements arrived today. Azone had made a post about it here, with images. But I figured I’d make a post about this for reference, as well. :3

The envelope was quite huge for such a tiny pair of hands, haha.
I didn’t open the hand sets until I got the replacement parts. As you can see, there is a pair of the “osumashi/relaxed” hands in the B-set, although it is supposed to be included in the A-set. And the hands that are shown separately are what you’re supposed to get in the B-set, naturally.

For me this was a lucky blunder, because I have waaaay too many pairs of the hands that come with the A-set, as Ex☆Cute -series dolls come with those hand parts… so I’ve mainly bought more of the A-sets just to get those osumashi hands… and now I got one extra pair of them, because they were accidentally included in the B-set as well, haha. Luckyyy~!

I have lots of extra hands that I have no use for… I took a photo of them:

If there’s someone who would like spare hands, I can give them away with the cost of shipping. I don’t know where I’ll keep them as I have no use for them, ahah… xD;;

I also took a silly photo of Eru:

I love this!


  • Elina

    Käsioverit xD Hitsit kun Azonen kätöset on niin halpoja verrattuna hartsinukkeihin…

    Mutta hei, jos nuo on sinulla ylimääräisinä niin mulle kelpaisi kyllä osa, tuossa on aika paljon kätösiä mitä mulla ei vielä ole :) Saisko sinulle laittaa vaikka sähköpostia noista?

    • mizya

      Joo, näitä on… kertynyt. :’D Vielä kun noiden EX Cute sarjan nukkejen mukana tulee vaihtokäsiä, ja olen sitten joutunut ostamaan erikseen vielä samoja saadakseni nuo osumashi kädet, niin ei mennyt kauaakaan kun käsille varaamani pikkuinen boksi jo tursui yli! XD Noh, onneksi tosiaan eivät ole hartsisten hinnoissa sentään… >.>;

      Ja juu, voi laittaa kätösistä sähköpostia. :3 miiza.u[at]

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