Osaka 6th anniversary doll

I swore to myself that I wouldn’t buy duplicates of neemos until I have one of each face sculpt that I like, but… oh my god! ;__; Just look at this:

Photo ©Azone International

The Osaka Azone label shop is celebrating their 6th anniversary and they’re releasing this cutie to commemorate the event! ;__; It’s the Mia’s Winter Vacation regular version doll with this new “Fluffy Bunny” coordinate! Oh my god I am dying–

I have such a soft spot for Mias because Mia was my first neemo, and gosh I do want that outfit for Kotone and Kotori to share! x__x It’s so lovely~ ♥ I’ve always been sad that I JUST missed out on the kitty hood hats before I started collecting neemos and now look at this – a BUNNY hat!!! *^* It’s soooo cuteeee! ;__; ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh my god, do want… The regular Winter Vacation Mia isn’t my most favourite version (I’d prefer the DS one so that she’d look different enough from Kotone) so I don’t know if I’d keep the doll herself, but that outfit… I need! *rolls around*

Azone, you’re determined to take all my money this year, aren’t you? x’D


  • Heather

    Oh my… you missed out on the kitty hood hats?

    You should email me… I have a spare of one of the colors that I will happily send to you :)
    I got it randomly when I bought a Pure Neemo from someone, and they just threw it in, unexpectedly! (I can’t remember if it’s cream or white though)

    • mizya

      Sadly, yes. ;__; They were sold out everywhere by the time I noticed them. >.< ;; A few weeks ago Hobby Search sent an email about restock for the white hat, but when I got to the website, it was already sold out. It was probably only one that someone faster than me bought right away, haha. I haven't seen them on Y!J or either, and on eBay they cost 50 euros - I'd rather not pay quite that much for one. >.>;; All the clothes seem to be ridiculously expensive on the second hand market – well, on eBay at least. *sigh*

      Oh, your offer is very kind! ;.; ♥ I will email you shortly!

    • mizya

      Well, her original price at the Osaka shop in Japan was 11000 yen (around 93 USD), but naturally she’s going to be more expensive on the aftermarket. There’s one on eBay currently for about $200.

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