New arrival + more neemo lineups

Just a quick update… busybusy with a lot of things.

Got a new arrival today… she was a rather spontaneous purchase because I happened upon a good deal and decided to make use of it. The arrival in question is Picconeemo Himeno~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♥ I’m not that big a fan of picconeemos ’cause their heads tend to be shiny and their faces wonky (Lien and Chiika are the worst) but I always thought that Himeno’s pretty cute… and thankfully her face doesn’t look too wonky in person, although there’s some asymmetry but it’s not so bad that I couldn’t live with it.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get this Himeno ’cause she tends to cost anything between 15000~24000 yen. I’ve got no clue why she’s so expensive while the others you can easily find between 7000~10000 yen. 「(゚ペ) But a reasonably priced Himeno popped up on Mandarake last week and I thought that I’d snatch her as a Christmas present to myself~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

I didn’t have time to take box opening photos, but anyway…

Tiny hello!

Because the Ex☆Cute series picconeemos have the same kind of propotions as their pureneemo counterparts, I felt that she looks more like a miniature teenager than a child (she should be chubbier, have shorter limbs and a bigger head to have child-like propotions)… Soooo I had an idea that she could be a robot that Haruna has made, since Haru is really interested in everything technical and likes disassembling and assembling things.

I took a shot of Haru performing maintenance on tiny!Himeno, hehe.( ´∀`)I’d imagine Hinata often comes asking her what she’s doing… here she’s probably asking if Haru can make the robot talk too, but Haru just wants to concentrate, lol! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

I'd like to concentrate

And since I aquired this Himeno, I had one more size from the 1/12 scale picconeemos, so I figured I’d make an updated lineup (previous post: here). The last time I made one, I didn’t have any XS-size girls or boys… well, I still don’t have a boy, but I have Yenna’s Aoto visiting so I have all the pureneemo sizes right now. But yeah, here’s an updated lineup:

Pureneemo & Picconeemo sizes
Bigger size

Pureneemo sizes
Pureneemo L / L bust, Pureneemo M / LL bust, Pureneemo M / M bust, Pureneemo S / S bust, Pureneemo XS boy & Pureneemo XS girl

Picconeemo sizes
Picconeemo D (Lil’ Fairy), Picconeemo M & Picconeemo S


  • Alasse Carnesir

    Oh Congratulations on getting her. She looks really adorable and I really love the eye decal on this one and the outfit.

    Thanks for the comparison of all the sizes. This gives me a better idea of how Picconeemo dolls match up to the Pureneemo dolls. They are a lot smaller aren’t they! They could almost work as a doll for a doll.

  • Irene

    Picconeemo S is soooo tiny :O I had no idea! She really does look like a robot or a dolly’s doll x333
    Himeno is very cute and your comparison photos are all great x3

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