Neemos in trees 2015 edition

Because last year I got such lovely photos at the nearby apple tree park, of course I wanted to take photos again this year!(*´▽`*) I went to the park early in the morning, at around 8am… but the weather got really cloudy and seemed like it would rain… and also lots of people suddenly appeared with their dogs so I couldn’t really concentrate, and returned home quite quickly. (ーー;) Luckily it didn’t start raining and the weather remained cloudy, so I decided to try again and went back there at around 10am. This time there weren’t many people with dogs, although it seemed like young couples with their babies were out for a morning walk then… but babies in strollers going by aren’t as intrusive as dogs running free, so I decided to ignore them and focused on taking photos.

I had Kotori, Mana and Eru with me. (。・ω・。) I got the best photos of Kotori as the weather remained cloudy the entire time… with Eru and Mana the sun came out every once in a while, so I wasn’t able to take photos and had to spend a lot of time waiting for a cloud to come and block the sun – and during Mana’s turn, these horrible gusts of wind came, too, and she almost fell off the brances several times. Σ(゜゜) So eventually I was just too tired of waiting and tired of the wind trying to knock her down, so I went back home… but I did get a couple of nice shots anyway, so I’m happy~ (⌒▽⌒)☆

I really love the apple tree park! We need to visit it soon with Yenna for some more photos~ ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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