Happy Holidays!

I managed to take a quick Christmas photo with Kotone and Kotori. :3

At first I tried taking a photo of them near our Christmas tree, but it’s quite huge compared to the little neemos and this year’s colour theme for it is blue and silver, so it didn’t feel very traditional… and the light was bad in the tree room, too.

So, then I decided to put the girls next to mom’s little Christmas set up on the living room table. That worked out better in terms of light and colour. ♥

Happy Holidays from me and the doll crew!

I hope you all have a wonderful time~ ♥


  • Valneanne

    Happy holidays! Your girls are looking lovely! And your tree kind of sounds like ours in not being entirely traditional (we had butterflies on it this year, not, all over, but quite a few :P).

    Also, I caved. Not on Kyron, that I’ve stayed away from (so far at least :P), but on Azones. However, strangely I wound up with two boys so I’ve got Aoto and Yuta from the Alice series coming in soon-ish! So thanks for that! (Only kidding! XD)

    • mizya

      Haha, me and mom both love blue, so that’s why the tree ended up being blue-themed this year… I suppose the last time we had a blue+silver tree was three years ago? Because dad doesn’t like it when we do something “weird” with the tree, so it’s only every few years… last year we had really traditional decorations, so this year we went weird again, then, lol! x’D

      Ohhh, congrats!! :D I really love the Alice’s Tea Party versions of Aoto and Yuuta, someday I want a Rabbit Yuuta of my own! xD Those lop ears are just adorable~ Please post lots of photos when you get them! *___* ♥

      • Valneanne

        In a way, having a bit of an odd tree has kinda become a tradition on its own here now. I remember my grandmother not being too pleased about it though! XD

        Thanks! :D I’m pretty excited to see them in person! Though the second I saw Yuuta my first thought was “he needs a slighter taller girlfriend/crush” so now I’m trying my best to not look for any girls to go with him. And as long as the weather co-operates I’ll be sure to take a lot of photos! Which reminds me I have to find where I put my the charger for my camera battery when I moved xD

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