Gentle winter sun

This is my favourite shoot from the ones that I took while I was at my parents’ because the conditions were perfect: there was just enough sunlight to make this warm glow in the photos but it wasn’t too harsh so that the doll would get over-exposed. And also, we got the most snow on Christmas Eve and these photos are taken on the 25th… so it was the best snow day too, haha. xD

And obviously Kotori is too darned cute, it’s impossible not to like any photos that she’s in, eheh~ *___* My cutieeee~ ♥

The last photo is my favourite~ The sun was setting and everything glowed so beautifully, eheh~ >u< ♥


    • mizya

      Yes, she’s just perfect. ;u; ♥ Of course there are other versions of Miu that are cute as well, but… this one is definitely my #1! xD It must be the blue eyes, I have such a weakness for pretty pale blue eyes. >.>;; ♥

      Thankfully (or maybe not, because it means money loss, haha) Raili and Koron from the new series have pretty pale blue eyes too! There are so few girls with this kind of eyes… the one that I can remember off the top of my head is Majokko Mia. Oh, and Mia’s After School version & 5th Anniversary Miu have pale blue eyes as well… and there may be a few others, too, but I can’t remember right now.

      I certainly hope that they’ll be making more blue and brown eyed girls in the future, because to me it seems like there are tons of girls with green eyes. o__O Like when I look at Mayas I like the Sweets a la Mode Cherry Pie and Peach Pie versions of her, and I also love her Nostalgic Story versions… but all of them have green eyes, not necessarily the same shade but green anyway. And Peach Tea Alisa had green eyes as well… I’m not a big fan of pink hair + green eyes combo, so I didn’t end up getting her even though I loved her outfit. I wish pink hair was paired with violet or brown eyes… that would look so much better to me. I do wonder why they like green so much… it’s not an eye colour that I’m a big fan of, unless it’s paired with black hair. And well, Marron Parfait Alisa’s hair colour looks nice with her green eyes too. :3 I wish Haru Usagi-san Mia had had blue eyes like Usagi-san Miu, though… I would’ve loved that so much. xD

      • Heather

        They do seem to do that a lot… same hair color with same eye color, on the same doll, over and over. I know this is a complaint of a friend of mine. She’s always going, “Oh, look… another one…” XD It would be cool if they’d experiment with some different colors (for eyes and hair)! It’s one of the reasons I love Majokko Miu… she’s got that weird dark blue/black hair and purple eyes. Such a strange combo for them. I’m not even sure I really love the purple eyes all that much, but I appreciate that they tried something different XD

        • mizya

          Yeah. xD Now finally the new Raili and DS Koron have blue eyes, but they also have silver hair, which I’m not a big fan of… well, I suppose it’s better than getting more blonde girls, lol! Although, I mostly have blondes now because I concentrated on collecting the three sisters… and Miu and Mio have blue eyes at least. xD But Mia, Alisa and Yuzuha all have green eyes, so I’m dying for girls with different eye (and hair) colours! The new Lien is a blonde green-eyed girl, but I do want her despite that… I adore her so much. xD ♥
          And yeah, Majokko Miu’s hair colour seems really unusual for them! But I agree, the purple eyes seem a bit off with that hair colour —says I, who has a BJD with dark blue hair and purple eyes (but her skintone is purple too, haha) — which is why I like the 1.1 version better… even if she has silver hair, but it goes so well with the purple eyes. If the blue haired girl had had light blue eyes, I’m sure I’d be trying to hunt her down like a crazy person, haha. xD So maybe it’s good that she doesn’t… I don’t even know why I’m so picky about hair + eye colour combos with Azones. :’D

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