Frosted lake

I haven’t resized yesterday’s photos yet ’cause there are many and they need A LOT of editing… but since we finally got some snow today and who knows how long it’ll last, I grabbed Yumei with me and went to the lake. On Saturday evening I did some mix & matching with my Neemos’ clothes and came up with this cute outfit for Yumei~ I’m so glad I bought that mori dress in navy from the recent pre-order because it goes perfectly with Kotori’s coat. ♥ I don’t have faux fur in white to make a collar, so instead I made an over-sized scarf with pom poms to go with this look. :3

I didn’t take that many photos, it was a bit cold and Yumei fell several times… and my location wasn’t the best either because I had balance on the rocks. The ice is still too thin to hold (a human’s) weight. xD;;


  • Heather

    This girl is so cute ;_;

    Really, I’m loving all of your posts, and I’ll refrain from commenting on each and every one, lol, because I am looking at all of them!!!

    • mizya

      She is~ ;u; I love Yuzuha so much with her cat-like eyes! ♥ I hope that they’ll make other releases for her in the future. I’d love to have one with blue or brown eyes and blond, pink or red hair, haha. xD There was a custom Yuzuha with a different type of mouth that I saw and I really liked the look of her. I’d definitely want a more melancholy-looking Yuzuha too~ ♥

      Thank you so much for all your kind words! ^^ ♥ It makes me really happy to hear that you like the photos, hehe. I don’t get that many comments, so it’s all welcome. :3 Although, I tend to start rambling when I reply to them, as I’m sure you noticed. >.>;;; I don’t have that many friends who collect Azone dolls, so I’m happy when I find someone to talk to them about, haha~ I want to make more friends, but I tend to be really shy and stay here in my own little corner of the internet. :’D

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