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Azone Mia Winter Vacation [rehomed] + others for sale


Soo… It just happened that I won my grail girl from Volks’ lottery. щ(゜ロ゜щ) ??? So now I need to sell some things to raise money for her customs fees, ahah… I never in a million years thought that I’d win her because she’s always been extremely popular and I remained sceptical until the moment I received the winning email. And I still can’t fully believe it, but… yeah. Trying to convince myself this ain’t a dream. (๑•́o•̀๑)

Mia has found a new home, but the DDS body and plenty of other items are still for sale! First one up for adoption is my Winter Vacation Mia. I got her with the bunny coordinate outfit, but I’m keeping the outfit myself. She comes with a top, skirt and socks made by me. I have cut her hair to shoulder-lenght. She has the full flection body. I can ship her in her original box or without it, it’s up to the buyer. I’ll also include one set of hands with her.

Photo to show her potential. She’s super cute and a true sweetheart~

I’m asking 45 euros + shipping for her.
Within Finland it’s possible to pick her up in Jyväskylä. Also, I’ll be in Tampere on the 5th and 6th of September for Tracon, so it’s possible for me to bring her there.

I’m also selling Umeko’s body as I’m pretty convinced it’s a Dollfie Dream Sister body and not a DD body even though it was advertised as one (bought it from Mandarake you see). Soo, I’m gonna need to buy her and Emi DD bodies, so this one has gotta go:

I bought this body second hand from Mandarake in February 2015. The body arrived to me in March 2015. It was marked as DDIII base body, but in the recent months I have become quite convinced that it is in fact a Dollfie Dream Sister body. The body has M-bust.

The body is slightly more yellow than the WS parts that I have purchased from Volks this year. It has some light staining on the upper thighs, lower stomach area and bum. I took photos of the most visible stains that showed in photos:

Also, the inner frame of the left arm is broken at the wrist. I tried to ask Volks for new inner frame parts, but they would not sell them separately. I had a temporary fix on it with electric tape + regular tape, so it’s slightly sticky and stained.

The hands have a pink manicure done with soft pastels, coated with MSC FLAT and glossed with Tamiya X-22 Clear Acrylic.

I originally paid 30000yen (around 220 euros) for this body + shipping and customs fees.

I’m asking 190 euros + shipping for this body.

Within Finland it’s possible to pick it up in Jyväskylä. Also, I’ll be in Tampere on the 5th and 6th of September for Tracon, so it’s possible for me to bring it there.

Additional Images:

*** If anyone’s wondering, I have DDIII arms in white skin for Ume that I’ve had on this body, but because Volks does not sell DDIII body in white skin as a whole, I need to buy it in parts… so that’s why I’m not including the DD arms with this body, I’m keeping them for when I can afford to buy the rest of the body parts to assemble a full new body for Umeko. The DD arms a bit bigger and longer than DDS arms anyway. ***

I also have lots of other stuff listed on the sales page. Azone shoes and clothes, BJD shoes & wigs, Mikasa Ackerman figure etc.


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