Azone Heartful Kiss Maya [Rehomed]

Maya has found a new home! Thank you all for your interest! ^^

Long story short, I need to make some room and my Heartful Kiss Maya is looking for a new home. I didn’t get her original outfit nor box with her, I bought her as a nude doll. However, I will include a pair of socks, jersey dress and a sweater that I’ve made. You can see the clothes in these photos:

Please note that the shoes and peace hand will not be included in the sale!

She’s mainly been kept on display and is in perfect condition. I’ve hot-glue sueded her knees as they were quite loose when she arrived, so they have more grip now. No staining issues as far as I can tell. She also has the full flection body. I will include some extra hand parts with her.

I’m asking 75 euros + shipping for her.
Within Finland it’s possible to pick her up in Jyväskylä. Also, I’ll be in Helsinki on the 18th-19th of July, so it’s possible for me to deliver her to Itis or Kamppi on the 18th and to Itis on the 19th.

I’m also selling some Azone clothes and shoes:

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

Check out my sales page for more stuff. ^^


  • Chuiga

    Hmm, so tempting.. Jäämpäs pohtimaan ajatusta. Rahalliselta puolelta toki toivon, että nukke menee nopeasti jollekulle muulle xD. Mutta argh, sopisi niin söpösti Hitomin kaveriksi..

    • mizya

      Aww, Hitomi varmasti tykkäisi kaverista. ;u; Maya kuitenkin jo ehti löytää uuden kodin. Ehkäpä vielä tulee joku kiva tyttönen hyvään hintaan kun rahatilanteesi on parempi! ♥

      Olen niitä Sweet Dream Chiikoja katsellut, mutta nyt ei oikeen ole tullut kovin montaa vastaan ja tuppaavat aina olemaan melkoisen hintavia. :S Nyt vähään aikaan “halvin” mitä olen nähnyt, on Mandarakella 25000 yeniä ilman alkuperäistä boksia:

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