First outing

Since I had a day off and was so excited about my new arrival, I decided to take her out into the nearby forest. Since she’s a mori girl, it was only appropriate to have her first official photoshoot in the forest. x3 Especially since her outfit is so cute, too~ ♥ I found this peaceful spot with some lovely scenery, so I was able to take photos undisturbed. I’ll definitely be returning there with my BJDs, too. So far I hadn’t managed to find a remote enough location, so I haven’t been all that keen on going out with my dolls…

Aaanyway, here are photos of Kotone-chan’s first outdoors adventure. :3

She’s so cuuute and fun to photograph. x3 My little rabbit, hehe~ ♥


  • Fyrd

    Wow, her hands make her a very versatile poser indeed. I loved the whole shoot, it was very coherent, but still every picture was well excetuted on its own as well.

    • mizya

      Yup~ x3 I love how she can turn from cheerful to a bit shy just by changing her hand parts~ I was also surprised at how easy it was to get her to stand in the forest, even though the moss was soft and uneven. These are such handy little things to carry around and pose, eheh~ *___* ♥

      And thank you! :3 That’s what I strive for with my photoshoots, although sometimes I feel that they end up a bit repetitive… but I try to change angles and poses, as well as take close ups and full body shots to mix things up a bit. ^^

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