Enter girl energy

The newest addition to my neemo family arrived today: Say hello to Misaki!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ♥ She mostly goes by Misa, though. She’s Rika’s best friend and a very energetic girl. She loves make up and pretty clothes~ She and Rika are pretty much opposites, but I suppose opposites attract, haha. (*^▽^*)

No box opening this time, ’cause she was just the nude doll without clothes, shoes and box. I don’t mind too much, though, as I’m running out of space to store the boxes in and her outfit wasn’t THAT big of a must… and well, I’ve seen that there have been some staining issues with the red tunic/dress, so perhaps it’s better that I didn’t get it in the first place haha. ( ´∀`) I probably wouldn’t have ordered her if I didn’t have something else that I wanted from Mandarake, though… but since I was placing an order anyway, I thought that heck – one neemo can travel in the corner of the box just fine!

Maya has been one of my faves since the beginning, but most of her releases have green eyes and I didn’t want any more green eyed girls (for now). So this Heartful Kiss version I love a lot because she has brown eyes! I haven’t had a single neemo with brown eyes until now and when I got that Progression Lycee for Yenna, I was like… nuuuu, I want a brown eyed neemo too! (´;д;`) And now I have one!! ♥ She’s blonde, though, but I’ll let that slide because she at least has a cute bob cut! I need to take a photo of her with Akemi, my two bob cut girls, lol~ ( ^∇^)

I made her an outfit that is similar to her default one. Of course, I changed some details about it and the colours/fabrics are different. The knit didn’t work out too well, so I’ll need to re-make it at some point… but at least she had some kind of an outfit to wear and she does look cute in it~ (*´▽`*)♥

Just two quick photos of now since I need to be on the go after noon. But I wanted to introduce this new cutiepie anyway. I’m sure I’ll no longer have the energy to write a blog entry later in the evening, ahah…

The writing that I chose for her name is 魅粧姫. The first kanji is “fascinating”, second is for “cosmetics” or “adorn” and the last one is “princess”. I figured since she’s a fashionable girl who loves to dress up, it would be perfect for her~ Btw, she’s named after the heroine of Kaichou wa Maid-sama. It’s one of my favourite shoujo animes. ♥ It’s great reference for my maid café too, lol~

I have another neemo in the mail, hopefully she won’t take too long to get here so that I can introduce her soon as well~ This package containing Misa they kept as hostage from last Thursday until yesterday at the airport before they even bothered to forward it to customs. I was really annoyed!(>д<)


    • mizya

      She really is~ ♥ I originally thought that her hair would be a more yellow-ish blonde, because it has seemed like that in a lot of photos that I’ve seen, but thankfully it’s more golden in person… and my camera settings seem to further emphasize that, haha. xD I really love it!

      Thank you~ x3 I realised that the golden thread in that knit sweater matches really well with her hair!

    • mizya

      The bob cuts are so cute! ♥ I tend to prefer Alisa and Maya with short hair, so I’m happy that I was able to get both of them with cute bob cuts! I guess it’s because my first official neemo love was the Days of May Alisa, and she has short hair too, hehe. :3

  • Janina

    Awww miten sulonen tyttö!! Noi vaatteetkin on ihan älyttömän nätit ja sopii Misalle tosi hyvin! Osaisinpa mäkin tehdä noin söpöjä vaatteita!! *u*

    • mizya

      Kiitoksia~! x3 ♥ Neemoille on jotenkin kauhean kivaa tehdä vaatteita! Lieneekö tuo pieni koko vai mikä, kun on vähemmän ommeltavaa. x’D Toisaalta tietysti pitää olla tarkempi, kun tekee pienessä koossa, mutta… tykkään kuitenkin! ♥ Minun pitää kohta keksiä uusi vaatelaatikko näille, kun meinaa jo tursuta yli… jotenkin niitä Azonen omiakin vaatteita on kertynyt, kun ovat niin hemmetin söpöjä ettei voi vastustaa. >.>;;

  • Cynthia

    She’s lovely! Your photos are all so beautiful :)
    And I never knew they could stand alone so nicely! Are you using any kind of special stand?

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