Beginning of winter

Last week I went to take photos of Levi by the lake and got super excited because it was windy and the waves hit the rocks nicely… only I hadn’t dressed up very warm so I couldn’t stay for long ’cause I was freezing. I got only one decent photo… sooo today I thought I’d try again, but unfortunately the waves were really weak this time so I didn’t get any proper photos. I posted the Levi photos into flickr so I’ll just link them here:

Crashing waves    Against the odds

But I also had Yumei with me, and I tried taking a couple of photos of her after I was done with Levi. I was too lazy to set up a tripod for my camera anymore so I didn’t use a stand for her… and OF COURSE THEN the wind got so strong that she couldn’t stand at all. -__-;; So the photos ended up quite boring and repetitive, but I liked a couple of them so I decided to edit them anyway. Yumei is so cute in this outfit, after all~ xD ♥

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