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This blog is still backlogged, eheh… I’ve been feeling lazy since my summer holiday began and I’ve just watched anime and K-dramas, ahahahahahah. (-∀-`; ) *fail* I’ll try to get those missing blog posts up… soon.

But yes, June is another “my bank account is doomed” month as Azone released their June selection for clothes – And Otogi no Kuni Little Briar Rose Lien collab with Silver Butterfly will finally be available for order on the 4th of June! Yaay! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Thankfully it’s highly likely that these clothes will get delayed until autumn, since most of April stuff got delayed until July, even, ahah… at least I hope so. Because at first I didn’t find that many things that caught my attention, but then as I looked at them more, I… realised that I want more than one outfit after all. ミ(ノ_ _)ノ AZONE Y DO U DO THIS TO ME?!

Photo ©Azone International

Briar Rose Lien, I have been waiting for you~! ヽ(;▽;)ノ ♥ I must order her right away once she’s up for sale, for sure! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Original size
Photo ©Azone International

The first thing that caught my attention: KYUUDOU SET! Σ(ノ°▽°)ノ I must have it!! o(≧∇≦o) ♥ ♥ ♥ I haven’t seen any from the older release on the second hand market and hoped that they’d re-release them because I have special attachment to this sport (because my Miyaji-kun from Starry☆Sky ~in Summer~ & ~after Summer~ does kyuudou♥). I’ve actually tried archery myself as well… just not as refined as the Japanese kyuudou with the awesome hakama ‘n’ stuff, but modern archery. But it’s a slightly too expensive of a hobby for a student so I didn’t continue with it. *sobs* But anyway, it’s a hobby that would suit Yumei and that hakama looks amazing on Yuzuha, so… miiiineeee! (✧∇✧)╯

And next to it are super cute XS outfits, uh-oh! Techinically I have an XS-size girl incoming, but I’m not sure if I’ll keep her because I mainly bought her for the outfit and another girl is my favourite so I’d rather get the other one instead… buuuut we’ll see when I get that doll, if she decides to stay or not. ((´∀`;)) So technically I could buy that brown XS girl set, but whether I should… I’ll have to think about this.

Original size
Photo ©Azone International

At first I thought that I already have plenty of meido outfits so I wouldn’t need any of these, buuuuut… can you have too many meido outfits? I don’t think so.( ̄ー ̄;)Those cat aprons are so silly that I probably need to get that pink set just because it’s so ridiculous in its over-the-top-frillyness & pinkness, haha~( ´∀`)♥ That nekomimi hairband would suit Yumei, I’m sure… I’d be sliiiightly tempted to get the black set for Sachi, but thankfully I can convince myself not to because a) she’s not a waitress like her cousin b) it would be better if it was, like, brownxblack or redxblack. I can’t see Sachi wearing that much white. So ha, I untrapped myself! ୧(﹒︠ᴗ﹒︡)୨

… and then right away I fell into another trap, as I thought that if there was a brown cat meido outfit, I could get that for my second waitress Akemi so that she and Yumei can match, oh look, there’s a brown one among the other meido outfits OH MY GOD HOW PRETTY THAT BROWN DRESS LOOKS ON THE NEW BROWN-HAIRED PINK-EYED YUZUHA I MUST HAVE IT– (´。✪ω✪。`) …….. (ヘ_ _)ヘ

Conclusion: Yuzuhas are dangerous, they make you want to buy all the clothes from Azone. Σ(゚ロ゚」)」


  • Jaya

    Ahhhh tuo kyuudou-setti on kyllä aivan yliupea! 83 Minäkin haluaisin sen juuri näistä kaikista ihanista mekoista. ♥ Vaikka toki tuo hehkuttamasi ruskea on aivan todella ihana ja tykkään sen vieressä olevasta mustastakinn! ♥u♥

    Minä olen nyt saanut kaksi Azonea tilaukseen (hihihi ♥) ja toinen niistä on juuri tuo M-koko ja olisi ihanaa saada siitä tuollainen jousiammuntaa harrastava! Luulen että se toinen on S-kokoinen, mutta tiedonhakuni on aivan uskomattoman surkeaa. xD Olin hirveästi sitä mieltä, että teen nukkejeni vaatteet itse ja nyt olen jo suunnittelemassa vaatesettien hankintaa… Ehheh? xD

    Toivottavasti ainakin sinä saat hankittua tuon kyuudou-setin niin pääsen ihastelemaan! ♥ :3

    • mizya

      Se on! *___* Päätyy kyllä heti ostoskoriin, kunhan tulee tilattavaksi! ♥

      Ja juu, Maya ja muut Sahra’s a la Mode sarjan tytöt tulevat M-kokoisella kropalla ja sitten EX☆Cute tytöt ovat S-kokoisia (paitsi Raili on M-koon kropassa S-bustilla). EX☆Cute Family sarjassa on sitten M-kokoisia Minami-sensei, Mia sekä Mio (jolla on LL-bust), Sera S-kokoa ja pikkusisarukset (Aoto, Yuuta, Nina, Chisa, Sorane & Tsukiha) XS-kokoa. :3 Aluksi voi tuntua sekavalta, mutta kyllä ne pian oppii!

      Itse myös ajattelin, etten osta kovin montaa vaatesettiä vaan teen itse, mutta… kun ovat niin söpöjä ja laadukkaita, niin… ;u; Vaikea vastustaa! Ja joitain vaatteita olen kyllä liian laiska tekemään itse. xD

  • Irene

    ahaha, be careful! :O I am also a big fan of those silly cat maid outfits~~ omggg x3 and everything Azone makes is just wonderfully intricately detailed @o@ Definitely worth it!

    • mizya

      I’ll try! I very much fear that all my resistance will be in vain once the clothes are available for order… it’s so much fun to shop, ahah! xD And yeah, Azone’s clothes are definitely lovely quality~ ♥ The prices aren’t that bad, either, so it’s easy to cave in… >.>;;;;

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