Azone February clothes

Well, it’s already March but these read as 2015年第2号 so they must be labeled as February clothes… BUT AGHH! So much cuuute! T__T ♥ My bank account cries. Well, I was sort of prepared that there will be lots of cute things available this year, since they had the outfits on display in Doll Show 42, but… it’s one thing to see them when they’re actually available for purchase, haha! xD

original size
Futons and the cute animal hoodies! Aghh, why did they have to make these now… I wish they’d waited a while to release them, but I guess I’m not that lucky, lol. I definitely need the bunny hoodie sets for my bunny sisters! Too cute!!! >u< ♥ ♥ ♥ And at least two futons, definitely~ And it looks like they're going to sell the M-body with the LL bust separately! Maybe I need to buy one in storage, in case I ever find a reasonably priced Minami-sensei... >___<  

original size
Lipu’s lamb suit! *dies* That creamy coloured one tempts me so bad! I’m sure it would suit Vel, too, now that she has that lovely platinum blonde hair (yes, I’ve more or less decided that I’m going to order her)~ ♥

original size
Agghhh, and of course those cute Komorebimori dresses with the cardigans are now available in Picconeemo size! >___< I missed out on the Pureneemo versions, so I think I need to secure that brown x beige version for Vel, at least! Too cute! ;u; ♥


Evil Azone is determined to take all my money. >A>;; But with these all cute outfits and Vel, I can’t afford to get Aoto… “””oTL Oh well, maybe I’ll just wait if they ever decide to make a serious/grumpy Aoto, he’d suit my plans better, ahah. xD;;


  • Heather

    Yeah… this release is going to kick my wallet in the butt… I’m hoping it will be like the last few months were portions of the release keep getting pushed back, so that the cost is spread out over months. *fingers crossed*

    • mizya

      Yeah, delays would be welcome now, definitely! :’D I nearly wet crazy with the zouris that I pre-ordered in December and they only got released late February… but now I’d be more than happy if these items got delayed by a couple of months, haha. xD

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