Auction arrivals

I’ve been rolling around Y!J again looking for good deals. I still have some stuff in storage waiting in case I manage to win one more auction before I can have them shipped, but… part one of auction arrivals is here! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I found one older almost-fullset neemo without a box listed for around 2500yen and I couldn’t resist bidding ’cause she has one of my most favourite outfit sets… and it’s a face sculpt that I didn’t have yet either. I was surprised as heck when the auction was nearing its end and nobody seemed to feel like competing with me for the doll, so I won her for 5950yen! Σ(゜゜) You barely even get nude neemos under 7k, so an almost fullset for under 6k, man… I was afraid that the seller might cancel my winning bid and re-list the doll, but luckily they accepted! Yaaaay! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♥

Then I spotted an auction for a certain headless doll with the outfit & accessories + box starting at 5500yen… and since I’d won that older neemo for cheaps, I figured that I’ll need to get her a Full Flection body anyway, so I might as well bid on this ’cause I’ve wanted this particular outfit as well. Again, no competition and I won the body + clothes for 5750yen! Luckyyyy~! 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) ♥ Often when I see the clothes being sold separately, they can cost between 6-12k depending on how sought-after they are, so… pretty damn good of a deal!

Now let’s move onto photos and you’ll see what exactly I got~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

They arrived in an unnecessarily huge box, grr! (ーー;) And yeap, the little sheepy-thing will be everywhere from now on, lol!( ´∀`)
So much empty space, for real… a smaller box would’ve done as well. *sigh*
Ahah, looks like they didn’t take the other neemo out of its shipper at all since it didn’t come with the original box. (;´∀`)
You could probably tell from the previous photos that the headless neemo is Afternoon Peach Tea Alisa. (。・ω・。) I’ve adored her outfit ever since she was released, but had no need for the full doll. And I suppose from here you can tell that the other one is a Nostalgic Story Collection Sahra~ (“⌒∇⌒”) ♥
Sahra + her things. She’s only missing her socks (and her box obviously)… but she’s in very good condition, I’m still amazed that I was able to get her for such a good price! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~
I had to photograph the outfits separately because I love both of them so much~ (´ ▽`).。o♡ Well, I’m not a fan of the sandals that Peach Tea Alisa comes with, so I’m selling them.
I swapped the Alisa body and clothes on Sahra. I like her better in lighter colours~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) I’m saving the Nostalgic Story dress for my future BlackxPink Yuzuha. ♥
She’s so cuuuute! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ♥ ♥ ♥ Sahra seems to be the least popular out of the neemo girls, at least I haven’t found that many photos on flickr. She’s a real sweetheart, though, I’m super happy I was able to get this version of her!(*´▽`*)♥

So yeap, here’s my newest girl! I named her Sumire, which can mean “violet”… ’cause her eyes seemed like a violet-blue tone in Azone’s photos, although in person I see that they’re just deep blue after all. But no matter! The kanji that I chose for her is 澄玲, which is loosely translated as “clear sound of jewels”. Sumire is a violinist and expresses herself through music… her parents are also musicians and encouraged her to take on the violin. I’d imagine when Sumi was born, they wanted to give her a name that has something to do with music/sound and to show how much they love their precious little “gem”, so… okay, my sentences aren’t really making sense today ’cause I slept for only 5~6 hours or so, but– the meaning symbolises parents’ love for their child, yes. (-∀-`; ) And well, the kanji looked pretty, so that’s one reason to why I chose this particular writing, lol!( ´∀`)

Tomorrow I should get my Amiami order from April, finally. Some stuff delayed its shipping for ages and it took a while to arrive in Finland, too, but hopefully the postal service won’t screw up and I’ll get it before the weekend. I’ll finally get a Full Flection body for Suzume and there’s an XS-size neemo girl that I snatched from Amiami’s pre-owned section. So, another neemo box opening will follow! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  • Irene

    All the outfit pieces look so lovely and delicate. As Azone’s stuff mostly does @o@

    I’m curious, do you also have a Japanese name for yourself? :D I dare not use kanji for my name as in Japan the meaning is so different from in China where I live at the moment. My Chinese name is: 艾琳 (Ai Lin)

    • mizya

      Yeah, they’re really lovely. ;u; ♥ I’ve been buying too many clothes for my neemos lately, but I can’t resist when they’re so pretty and reasonably priced… ! *____*

      Ahh, yes, we did have Japanese transfer students visiting our class once and they helped us find kanjis for our first names (and then wrote them fancily on paper with a brush). xD My name seemed to give them a little trouble at first, since it’s “Mira”. But eventually they settled for 未 from “future” and 楽 from “comfort”. But since you can use 楽 to form 楽しい “fun”, they said my name can also be read as “fun/enjoyable future”. :’D But if I ever need to give my name in kanji to a Japanese person, I’d have to say it like 未来のみと楽のら “‘mi’ from mirai and ‘ra’ from raku”. It’s certainly fun looking kanji writings for names. :D

      Oh yes, I’d love to study Chinese as well, but I fear Japanese may be a hindrance in some cases when I’m used to reading the kanji in the Japanese way, and then in Chinese it can be read differently and mean something completely else, haha. xD Your Chinese name is a perfect example here, since the first kanji in Japanese reads as “mogusa” or “yomugi”. Well, perhaps one day I’ll brave myself to learn Chinese as well, I’d love to be able to speak it a little since I want to travel to China someday! ^^ Right now I’m trying to learn Korean, though, so Chinese will have to wait a bit.

  • Kaitlin

    After reading through your blog, I finally ordered my first Azone! I ordered Sahra Summer Melody from Mandarake. ^^ I’ve been wanting her for several years now and finally took the plunge. They’re certainly a whole lot cheaper than some of my other BJDs/DDs. Lucky for me, Sahra is the only girl that really caught my eye. ^^;; She’s going to be my “take everywhere” doll.

    • mizya

      Ohh, congratulations! :D The Summer Melody Sahra is one of my favourites, I love her outfit~ ♥

      And yeah, neemos certainly seem cheap after collecting resin BJDs, haha~ I guess that’s why it’s so easy for me to succumb and keep getting more, uh-oh. >.>;;; When I originally found Azones in 2011, I pretty much only wanted Alisa, Mia or Miu. Then when I got Mia, I thought that I’ll only want Alisa (because the first neemo that I fell for was Alisa) and Miu… buuut then I found Yuzuha and fell for her as well, so suddenly I had four on my list. And slowly the others have grown on me as well, so now… my list doesn’t have a limit. XD You’re lucky if you only want one, haha!

      But neemos are certainly nice and portable, they’re easy to take with you. :3 I bring at least one or two neemos with me whenever I go somewhere, haha~

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