Among flowers and at the lake

I finally finished editing these photos that I took… a couple of weeks ago at my parents’. Σ(`・Д・ノ)ノ One windy afternoon I snapped a couple of Iru photos at the yard and then one evening we went to visit our summer cottage, so I had Misaki there – as well as Yun Hee, my Oasisdoll Linglan. I’ll post her photos separately later once I finish editing them. (。・ω・。)

But, here are some neemo photos~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I still have some backlogged photoshoots from May and June, too. Oh well, perhaps I’ll eventually get them published here in this blog, ahah… (・∀・;)


  • Alasse Carnesir

    You have really lovely Pureneemos. Their outfits are very cute. How do you find the Lil’ Fairy size compared to the Pureneemo? She actually looks quite cute with those hands. One of the reasons I never ended up getting one of the Lil’ Fairy dolls was because of those huge hands. I never even considered they could be changed out.

    • mizya

      Thank you! ^^ ♥

      Well, I find the Lil’ Fairies cute, but I doubt I’ll get more than the two that I currently have… I like that their arms are slightly more poseable than pureneemos, because their swivel joint is closer to the elbow (while on pureneemos it’s closer to the shoulder), but their legs and feet drive me a little crazy sometimes. The legs attach differently to the torso piece, so sometimes if you bend the leg a bit too much, it falls off. xD;; And the feet come off easily, too… my Chiisana Otetsudai-san Erunoe has such thick bloomers that she can barely sit with them. :’D Luckily this Purimyure Yousei Kyoukai Vel has bloomers made of a thinner fabric and they’re also less poofy, so she can sit quite nicely… but my Erunoe keeps falling on her back, unless there’s something that she can lean on. xD I need to sew her some basic panties… Also, the heads of the picconeemo dolls are somehow more translucent and shiny in comparison to pureneemos (although, XS-size pureneemos are kinda like that too), so they’re more prone for that awful white gleam on the decal eyes if the light hits them wrong. I need to pay a little more attention on the lighting when I photograph them. But overall they’re quite fun and cute, but I must admit I prefer working with pureneemos more.

      I bought the M-type Picconeemo body separately in white skin and replaced the arm parts of the Picconeemo D-body. I wanted to keep the chubby legs and feet because I find those cute, and they make the dolls easier to balance, and – this way they can share shoes with my Pureneemos! xD

      Here’s a comparison of M and D-type Picconeemo bodies, and then the parts swap:

  • Alasse Carnesir

    I have to admit, I have found the feet falling off to be a problem too with my Pureneemo XS body mostly. I’ve had to glue the feet in for my XS girl. The S and M Pureneemo bodies I have don’t seem to have that problem though.

    Thanks for the comparison and parts swap photo. I actually didn’t realise their feet were chubbier as well but I can see how that could help the stability. They are a deal chubbier than the Pureneemo feet.

    Photographing those Pureneemo with their decal eyes is always challenging for me. I never seem to get the lighting right. My XS girl is the hardest by far to photograph. Her eyes seem to always catch the light wrong.

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