A year later…

I’m sorry that I haven’t replied to comments, I’ve had quite a busy week. I’m also leaving town on Thursday and I’m heading to Helsinki for the weekend (there’s a Dollfie Dream meet up on Saturday that I’m going to attend, yaay!) so I won’t be online much. Luckily next week should be a little easier, so I’ll have more time for doll stuff again. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

But yeah, onto today’s topic. On May 7th in 2014, my first ever Azone doll arrived and she was a Mia. Now a little over year later, my newest neemo arrived and she just happens to be a Mia, too, haha~( ´∀`)I’ve been trying to hunt down the Osaka 6th anniversary Fluffy Bunny coordinate Mia for a few months now (I wrote an entry about her before: here). Because I wanted to find one for a reasonable price instead of paying expensive eBay prices. In March I was bidding on one that had a price at about 15000 yen, but unfortunately I missed out on the auction’s ending as I was visiting my parents and it ended just as I was travelling back home. I was pretty bummed because that price was the best that I’d seen so far and wasn’t sure if I’d find another deal as good as that. (´;ω;`) But lo and behold, a week later the same seller lists another Mia – of course I bid right away. And eventually I managed to win her under 14k, so it turned out to be a good thing that I missed out on the previous auction. Yaaay~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

The reason why Mana only arrived now is because I also bought another item from Y!J and wanted them to be shipped together. I also had some other auctions that I planned to combine if I won them… but eventually I just decided to have these shipped because I didn’t want to wait for Mana any longer. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ

My pre-orders from QMagic and Sunnybobo on Etsy were also available to be picked up from the PO, so I opened those at the same time. I had some trouble with Sunnybobo, as I wrote here.

The shoe boxes + Y!J box
The shoes. The white & blue package is from QMagic and the more colourful one is Sunnybobo’s.
The black kitty shoes and bunny pumps & boots are from QMagic, the rest of stuff from Sunnybobo. The white Blythe/Azone shoes are wrong, I never ordered those shoes – I ordered white pumps with bows. (|||❛︵❛.) And the 1/3 size brown shoes are an extra pair, I only bought the mixed colour pumps. I’m waiting to hear back from the seller, we’ll see what she says.
But now onto the Y!J box~ ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
All safely packaged!
Mana and a B-type extra body. I found one for a good price so I couldn’t resist, I love this kind of cutesy sitting poses~ (*^ω^*) ♥
Unpacking~ (*≧∀≦*) There was a plastic wrapping with an unbroken seal on her box, I don’t think her box has ever been opened.
Mana and her things.
The shoes that came with her are HUGE. ∑(´゚ω゚`*) I put them on Eru because the Lil’ Fairy feet are a bit bigger than Pureneemo ones.
I had to photograph the white dress and bunny hat & bag separately because they’re soooo cute!! ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ” ♥ ♥ ♥
I compared the bunny hat to the kitty hats that I have. Thankfully it’s much bigger, so it actually stays on the doll’s head. This is the first Azone hat I own that doesn’t fall off constantly, haha.( ´∀`)
Then Mana herself~ ♥ I love Mia’s sweet expression. (*^ワ^*)
And a fullbody to show the lenght of her hair properly… because I went and cut it, ahah. (;´∀`) I already have one Mia so I wanted to create more of a difference between them.
And some test shots~ (*^^*) ♥ Here she already has her hair cut, but you can’t see it very well with the hat.
My two Mias and a better look at Mana’s haircut.(*´▽`*)I thought that shoulder-lenght hair would suit her well, and make her look different from Kotone.

I love her, she’s so sweet and so are her clothes~ I also really love her hair & eye colour. (´ ▽`).。o♡ Azone’s bunny girls are my weakness, haha! I gave the bunny hat and white dress to Kotori:

Little ball of fluff
So cuuuute! o(≧∇≦o) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  • Tiinyan

    Maailman yksi ärsyttävimmistä asioista on varmaan juuri noiden Azonen erikoisjulkaisujen metsästys >_< Suuret onnittelut siis tämän pupusen onnistuneesta haalinnasta! ^^ Manan söpöys prosentit kyllä tuplaantuivat tuon uuden kampauksen myötä! *_*

    Oih, miten paljon noita ihania kissahattuja <3 Ja en kyllä kestä tuota viimeistä kuvaa! Liian söppänä ;u; <3

    • mizya

      Joo, vielä kun aluksi noita ei tuntunut päätyvän Y!J:n ollenkaan. Löysin vain yhden ebaysta melkein 200€:lla, ja en kyllä halunnut sellaista hintaa maksaa. Onneksi lopulta kuitenkin alkoi löytymään, ja ihan järkevään hintaankin! Kotori on ainakin iloinen uudesta söpöstä asustaan ja minä olen tyytyväinen uudesta söpöstä tytöstä myös, hihi! x3 ♥

      Vähän pelotti ensin lähteä saksimaan hiuksia, mutta rauhoittelin itseäni sillä että kun on kyseessä sama versio kuin se Winter Vacation, niin kyllä sen joskus saan vielä pitkähiuksisena ostettua jos alkaa kaduttaa. Mutta hyvin kuitenkin sopii tämä lyhyempi hiustyyli! ♥ Onhan noita pitkätukkaisia tyttöjä jo aika monta muutenkin… vähän vaihtelua porukkaan, haha. xD

      Ensin ei ollut yhtään kissahattua, ja yhtäkkiä niitä kertyikin. Minulla on joku juttu näiden eläinhattujen kanssa, on noille hartsisillekin nukeille useampikin pupu, kissa ja susihattu. >.>;; Vielä Azonelta tarvitaan se uusi Nagoyan 3-vuotis Minami-sensei pupuhattuineen ja sitten se Little Wolf Koron susihattunsa kanssa. Koskaan ei voi olla liikaa pörröisiä eläinhattuja! XD ♥

    • mizya

      I know right? Even though I’m a bit iffy about having to buy a whole body just to make a pose like this… it’s worth all the cuteness! XD ♥

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