A little dream fulfilled

This is a bit of a special arrival for me. (*´▽`*) The first Azone doll that I ever wanted to own was Alisa ~Days of May~ back in 2011. In January 2012 I spotted one for sale at Plastic Pop, but I didn’t have the funds at that time… so I had to forget about her. But I always thought that when I start collecting Azones, Alisa will be my first. It didn’t really work out like that, as I’d JUST missed out on the Sweets a la Mode Marron Parfait Alisa’s sale when I finally felt like I was ready to start collecting them. (´;ω;`) So, I ended up ordering the Spring Rabbit Mia instead. And after her I found such a good deal for Cream Anmitsu Yuzuha, that again – no Alisa for me… After Yuzuha I thought that my third girl will finally be Alisa, lol! So I stalked eBay and Mandarake for a good price, but they were always like 20000~26000 yen… (ーー;) Then one day I ventured to and behold – found the Marron Parfait Alisa for ¥13800! I got super excited and luckily managed to collect enough money to buy her pretty fast, so she didn’t sell out and I was able to get her for a pretty good price~ Yaaay!! O(≧▽≦)O ♥

I decided to name her 曉美, Akemi, which is loosely translated something like “beautiful dawn” or “The beauty of dawn”. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here’s some BO photos and a little story-of-sorts:

She was quite safely packed.
Ahh, there she is!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

Then I invited help…

Kotone, Yumei! Do you have a moment?

ちょっと眠いけど… (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
あぁ、ごめん。でも、きっと喜ぶと思うわ。 (*^^*)
I’m a little sleepy, though…
Aah, sorry. But I’m sure you’ll be delighted.

… あー!箱ですね。Σ(゜゜)
… Ah-! It’s a box.
A box.

いぃえ~ これわ女の子、夢衣ちゃん!ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
… そうか?L(・o・)」
Is it another violent guy? (please refer to this BO)
Noo~ It’s a girl, Yumei!
… Is that so?

管理人さん、GOOD JOB! ( ≧∀≦)b
Manager, good job!
Yes, yes. You want to help her, right?

はい、はい… (-_-)ゞ゛
Quickly, Yumei!
Yes, yes…

あー こ.. こんいちは…! (〃▽〃)
Hello, Akemi!
Ah- H-Hello… !

こんいちは!寿音です。寿音ちゃんって呼んでいい~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
こ.. こんいちは!曉美です~ よろしくね!(*´∀`*)
Hello! I’m Kotone (you can call me “Kotone-chan”)~
I’m Yumei.
H-Hello! I’m Akemi~ Nice to meet you!


Then I left the girls to get to know each other.


It was my first time ordering from and using a proxy, but everything went really smoothly and was pretty simple once I did more research about the process. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I was able to place the order myself and pay for it as well (I have a Master Card from Danske Bank and that they accepted just fine). But they only shipped to a Japanese address, so I used Big in Japan as the proxy. Once the Amazon seller shipped out the package, it arrived to BiJ in one day and they also shipped it out the same evening. Only in Finland the package got super delayed ’cause Itella was being a lazy bastard for a change, so I didn’t get her before going to my parents’ place… but well, eventually I did get her home and everything was all fine and dandy. (*´∀`*)

In the description it said that the box was damaged, so that’s probably why she was so cheap… but when i got her, there was only a teeny tiny dent on it. :D;; Silly Japanese… but I guess for collectors it’s really important that the box is in perfect condition? Well, I’m not bothered by it… The doll itself has staining on her right arm, but that’s a fault from the factory I’m sure. ’cause the box was unopened. Also, the hook on her suspender came off pretty much right away, so I had to fix that… (ーー;) But at least she has the most stable knees out of my girls so far, so there’s also something positive, haha. And her cutiepie faaaace. ♥ I love her so much and I’m super happy to finally have my own Alisa! (T▽T) ♥

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