Korkeasaari Zoo

Okay, so last week’s Friday I travelled to Helsinki to visit my brother for the weekend. I’d hoped to meet some doll people, but in the end no one contacted me saying that they’re free, so… no doll meets. :C But then I decided to go visit the Korkeasaari Zoo, because I haven’t visited it in yeeeeears and animals are always nice. ♥ My cousin works there, so I can get cheap tickets through him, hehe~ I was supposed to visit Korkeasaari last year’s autumn for the “Kissojen Yö” (The Night of the Cats) event since my cousin could’ve gotten cheap tickets for his sister and myself… but unfortunately his sister couldn’t make it and then didn’t have the courage to go there alone (I feel a little nervous about walking around Helsinki by myself at night time… I’m a country girl so cities can be a bit overwhelming, especially if I don’t know them well enough). So, I decided that now I’m going to check the place out! And now that I know how to get around, I’ll definitely go to Kissojen Yö this year, for sure! All the kittieeesssss! >u< ♥ But yeah, I'd better get around linking photos here, because there are A LOT. Even though I didn't even get to see all of the animals... well, most of the photos are of the big cats, but I cannot help it! :'D;;;; I'm a cat person through and through, lol~ But yeah, perhaps I'll just babble more alongside the photos or this entry will never end... VERY IMAGE HEAVY POST AHEAD! There are 103 photos total, oops. ^^; took me a while to edit everything, ahah…

I didn’t realise to take a photo of the gate with my proper camera, so here’s the crappy one I posted to instagram.
My first destination was the Cat Valley, of course… on the way there I ran into some peacocks. They were having some sort of a showdown as they made a lot of noise and circled around each other, lol!

The first enclosure I peeked into belonged to the lions. They were very tired.
What I really disliked about the zoo was these viewing windows… they’re made of glass or plastic or something – but they reflected light and people like crazy! Many of my photos got ruined because of this… also, they were mostly veeeery dirty. Don’t the zookeepers wash them at all… ?
Since the lions were in hiding, I went to check on the tigers~
Sleepy kitty!! ♥ All of the cats were pretty exhausted from the hot & sunny morning, ahah… not the best time to visit the zoo.
Another sleeping tiger, haha~
I couldn’t see the leopard anywhere so I went to the Manul’s enclosure. Did not see the Manul either, but his/her breakfast was in the treehouse. I trolled children by taking a photo of it, they looked at me with my camera and then into the enclosure all “WHAT, WHERE IS IT???” hahahahahaha! … I am evil, yes.
I totally did not know that they had red pandas at Korkeasaari! I LOVE RED PANDAS!!! >u< ♥ And they were in the Cat Valley, too, so I was able to peer into the enclosure more than once while I was there, hehe~
Sleepy pandas as well! Everyone was asleep, haha…
Then I caught a glimpse of the European Wildcat! Ehehee, kitties everywhere~ ♥
This kitty was more awake than the bigger cousins.
There was an enclosure for a young Steller’s sea eagle in the Cat Valley as well. Later I visited another enclosure for some older birds, too.
Then I heard a lot of noise coming from the red pandas’ enclosure and headed back. One of the pandas had woken up and waddled around the enclosure, and of course the crowd went crazy.
It was quite difficult to keep up with him/her, ahah! Self-censoring panda… XD

Poor thing was panting the whole time. But s/he made several laps around the enclosure and left scent marks here and there.

Then I noticed that one of the keepers brought a little snack into the tigers’ enclosure. It didn’t take long ’til this fella showed up.
There’s an interesting smell, hmm… !
Time to look around!
Getting close…
A-ha, found it! The keeper had placed the treat under the tree trunk next to the tire.
In just a couple of seconds, the tiger jumped the “prey” and ran off, haha~
I couldn’t keep up with my camera… xD;;;;
The tiger disappeared with the treat, but luckily after I circled on the other side of the enclosure, I had a decent view again!
These people keep staring at me while I’m trying to eat…
Ahaha, kitty tongue! XD ♥
Such a delicious treat!
Meanwhile, the other tiger felt like playing for a bit! I couldn’t get good photos because there were too many people in the way, booh~ :C
Ehehe, just like a house cat, only… bigger! :’D Aww, I love tigers so much~ ♥
Oh noes, the ball floated away.
There it goes… oh well.
Time for a little walk…
… and then we’ll get comfortable again for another nap!
Then I thought that it was time to check out some other locations as well, or else I’d get stuck in the Cat Valley for the whole day… still did not find the Manul nor Leopards, and Lions were sleeping, too. People mistook them for rocks, lol!
I thought I would be safe from distractions after I left the Cat Valley, but what do I see next: BUNNIES!! *^* ♥
Sure way to make me squee in delight: present me a kitty or a bunny.
Ehehehehe, fluffy bunnyyyyy~ ♥
Next I saw a wild horse. I didn’t pay attention to what particular type of a wild horse it was, though, and now I’m too tired to go check the website, lol…
Next I wanted to look for the bears, so I went to the central area… and the peacocks were really putting up a show!
Such graceful courting…

Eventually he managed to loose the female in the shrubs, so he just settled showing off his tail to the human audience. He kept turning away from my camera, though, lol!
I don’t know if these two were the same peacocks I saw when I arrived… but they were definitely having a duel (and scared the children, lol).
Took a close up of the fancy feathers! I really love peacocks, they’re one of the most beautiful birds~ ♥ Someday I’d like to do a peacock themed face up for a doll…

Took a quick look at the chicken coop, but there were too many children there so I didn’t go in. LITTLE CHICKS, THOUGH! ;^; ♥
The next stop was the Tropical House. There were reptiles and other invertebrates as well as some rodents. This little snake was quite cute!
I forgot what this lizard was called… took me a while to spot it in the terrarium, nice camouflage. :D;;;
Little froggie!
More snakes! Couldn’t get a proper shot because children were buzzing around… >_>;;; Such a crowded place. I’ve been spoiled ever since I visited Thailand.
Little gecko! These fellas are so cute~
I forgot to check what this rodent was, ’cause again – children were swarming around and I was scared. XD These things were so funny, though, and super fast!
The active-looking one jumped down from above and landed its butt right in the sleeping one’s face. xD;;;;

The Common dwarf mongoose were also popular with the children. Mongoose train! … Well, almost. XD
Funny little ones.
Mongoose pile! See that one mongoose rushing into the frame from the bottom right hand corner? :’D
The one in the middle is all “hjalp, you are crushing me!”
I snapped ONE photo of this lizard and it went into hiding. Very shy… u__u
Found another cute lizard! It looks ready to brawl, though, lol! XD
Found a cute mousey!
…. who was also a very fast mousey…
… yeap. Most of them were hanging out way up in the terrarium, dumb children didn’t even realise to look up to see them. :’D
I left the Tropical House soon because it was crowded and hot. Saw some tortoises outside.

I meant to find the bears but I kept getting distracted, lol! Stumbled upon an enclosure with Vicuñas…

… and Maras! Yaaay! ♥

I bought a mango-melon ice cream and finally went to search for the bears, for real this time. And I found them! I thought that the bears would be active for sure, since the bears in the Ähtäri zoo were, but… these bears were lazy. xD;;;

I guess it was too hot for even the bears! They didn’t seem to have nearly as big of a swimming pool as the bears in Ähtäri, though…
More of the eagles!

Snowy owl, which was camera shy. uvu;;
I think these were called… Milu? Could be wrong, though.
Had to include this because look at that face! All :B
The babies were cuute!
Then I dropped by the Ape Castle. It was quiet there as well… xD
At this point I was starting to feel pretty tired from the heat as well as getting hungry, so… I just zoomed in on the camels and didn’t actually go see them up close, lol. And apparently the other camel graciously started pooping when I snapped photos… u__u
Then I went back to the cat valley in hopes of seeing at least a glimpse of the Leopard and Lynx – and I also had realised that I hadn’t been to the Snow Leopard closure either, since earlier the Cat Valley was so crowded. The lions were still lazing around…
Couldn’t resist checking up on the red pandas again. D’awww! ;u; ♥
Finnish forest reindeer mom and baby.
The male reindeer had very impressive horns!
Ehehehe… more sleepy kitties~ >u< ♥
Fluffy taaaail! ♥ Let’s follow it…
Many kitties and many fluffy tails, ehehehehe~ I loove snow leopards because they’re so fluffy and have big paws and fluffy tails. Soooo cute! ♥ ♥ ♥
They had babies born in the spring, but naturally they were sleeping like the rest of the family…
When I visited Ähtäri zoo four years ago, I got some really nice footage of more active snow leopards. :’3
But really, even if they’re sleeping, I’ll never get bored of looking at cats!
… NEVER!! XD ♥ Okay, I swear this is the last photo…
Raven. :3
Triangle bird! XD Caught the raven in the middle of feather washing and rearranging.
Puffy Eurasian eagle-owl! Clearly it was washing time for all the birds…
Quickly snapped a photo of the Elk. At this point I was so tired that I no longer had the energy nor interest to photograph every animal in the zoo. I wanted to see the wolverine and otter, but they were in hiding… :C
Did manage to see this little fella, though! European mink~ ♥
That nose kills me! It was hiding under that piece of wood for a long time, but I perserved…
… and got a shot of the cutie, yaay! Those button eyes and that little faaace just kill me! ;^; ♥
Then it was time to head for the bus stop, but I did manage to see the Lynx as I left, yaaay!

I had a lot of fun at the zoo, even though I was sooo exhausted when I got back. My legs were killing me! Luckily my brother had lunch ready by the time I returned, so I ate and took a little nap to recharge. I had Iru, Narumi and Haruna with me at the zoo, but I didn’t take them out of my bag even once because every corner of the island was swarming with people (and especially children). Well, except the rocky shore, but it was super windy there, so no chance of having the neemos stand up. u__u;;; Well, maybe some other time there’ll be less people and I can utilise all that pretty scenery for doll photos, as well.

Instead of Haru I should’ve brought Sachi with me, seeing as there were so many kitties. XD I need to take Haru to Ähtäri to see wolves, haha~ Btw, I made a blog post for my Ähtäri Zoo photos from summer 2011, because these Korkeasaari ones are mostly full of sleeping animals… I visited Ähtäri in July as well, but it’s not quite so hot in the north as it is in south.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these photos, even if they’re not doll related. :3


  • Chuiga

    Ihania Korkeasaari kuvia! :3
    Kyllä huomaa kuvista, että kissat tosiaan taitavat olla mieleen xD. Viime vuonna kävin kanssa lämpiminä keleinä Korkeasaaressa ja suurin osa eläimistä huili (melkein kaikki muut paitsi pesukarhut). Oli kyllä niin kuuma, etten yhtään ihmetellyt! Minullakin oli silloin neemo mukana, ja kovasti lapset sitä katselivatkin kun kuvailin. Onneksi kukaan ei ollut niin rohkea lapsi että olisi tullut sanomaan jotain kummallista.

    • mizya

      Kiitos! :3

      Hihi, kaikki kissat täytyy nähdä ja kuvata! xD ♥ Pesukarhut jäikin minulta näkemättä, jotenkin onnistuin aina kävelemään väärästä paikasta etten sattunut niiden kohdalle olleskaan. >.>;; Olisi ollut hauska nähdä niitäkin lylleröitä.

      Muistankin ne sinun Hitomi kuvat Korkeasaaresta. :D Olivat tosi kivoja, ja sitä varten tuli otettua omatkin tytöt mukaan… mutta en sitten uskaltanut niitä laukusta ottaa. Minulla jäi traumat kun jokunen vuosi sitten olin Roihuvuoressa kuvailemassa BJD:ta ja sattui olemaan se hanami JA äitienpäivä juuri sinä samana päivänä, niin tottakai siellä oli pilvin pimein porukkaa – varsinkin lapsiperheitä äitienpäivä-piknikillä. x__x Minua tuli ahdistelemaan sellanen ylivilkas penska ja sen hieman… öhh, persoonallinen mummo, niin ei tullut kuvaamisesta yhtikäs mitään. Ei minua yleisö haittaa, niin kauan kun pitävät etäisyyttä vähintään jonkun pari metriä. Tämän penskan pitämä viiden sentin etäisyys oli lievästi sanottuna ahdistavaa… -__-

  • Tiinyan

    Tässä täytyy olla joku kirous, koska aina kun olet tulossa Helsinkiin päin, olen itse jossain muualla tai sitten on muuta menoa :’)

    Mutta ihania kuvia! Itse kävin tänä vuonna Ähtärissä, mutta taaskaan ei nähty lumileopardia! :'( Joka vuosi sama juttu X3 (Noh, viime vuonna sentään nähtiin vähän päätä sieltä sen kopista…) Ja nyt kun myös tuonne Ähtäriin oli juuri saapunut pikkupanda, olin innoissani siitä, MUTTA! Se oli tietysti kiivennyt kuusen latvaan nukkumaan niin että vain korvat näkyivät! Nyyh~ ;___; Onneksi sentään näistä sinun kuvistasi voin molempia piiloutujia ihastella ^^

    • mizya

      Kiitos! :3 Voi harmi, että teiltä on jäänyt lumileopardit näkemättä. ;__; Silloin kun Yennan kanssa käytiin Ähtärissä, taisi olla hiukan viileämpi kesäpäivä ja oltiin myös vähän illemmalla liikkeellä… kun aloitettiin kierros, näkyi vain lumileopardin päälaki, mutta sitten kun oltiin kävelty lenkki läpi, päätettiin vielä palata lumileopardien aitaukselle ja sattui onnistamaan – olivat tuoneet ruokaa sinne, niin päästiin seuraamaan kisun puuhia. x3 ♥ Toivottavasti teitä vielä joku vuosi onnistaa! :D

      Ja voih, nyt on söpöjä pikku lylleröitä Ähtärissäkin? Täytyy ehdottomasti taas päästä sielläkin piipahtamaan~ >u< ♥ Voi ääk, toivottavasti sillä ei ole tapana aina kiivetä sinne kuuseen torkkumaan. XD Tuntuu, että Ähtärissä on eläimillä isommat ja monipuolisemmat aitaukset eläimille, mutta ehkä se johtuu siitä että on enempi tilaa ylipäätään ja sopivampi maasto rakentaa. Korkeasaari kun on sellainen kallioinen, noh, saari… xD

  • Irene

    What lovely Zoo pictures!! My fav parts are always the kitties and OWLS!!~~ Glad you took a lot of photos of the tiger, as they’re my absolute fav. animal to see at any zoo! :D :D

    • mizya

      Thank you~ Kitties and owls are the best! :D ♥ Sadly there weren’t many owls in Korkeasaari Zoo, in Ähtäri Zoo there’s an “Owl House” where you can see maaany different species of owls and other birds. x3

  • Junco

    Ahh, now I want to go back to my zoo to take pictures <3 I haven't been there since last spring. We have polar bears ^^ Not a lot of big kitties, though. ;-; I like the Tamarinds and Meerkats. <3

    • mizya

      You should! Zoos are so much fun to visit! :D I really love watching animals go about their day, hehe~

      We have one zoo that’s way up in the north called the Ranua Zoo, and they have the polar bear… I’d love to visit it someday, but that would be, like, a 7 hour drive. =A=;;; So we’ll see… but it’d definitely be awesome to see the polar bear! ;u; ♥

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