Heading off! Frostbite 2015 awaits~

I’m leaving town this evening because this weekend there will be an anime convention called Desucon Frostbite, and I plan to attend it on Saturday. :3 I’m going to my parents’ for a few days to help with the renovation… also, because from their place it’s a little easier to get to the convention, compared to taking the train from Jkl to Lahti.

This is mainly for Finns, but: yeap, I’ll be there on Saturday. This year my only definite plan is to go listen to Urobuchi Gen’s lecture from 11-12:30, and after that I’ll most likely roam around the site and take a look at the artist alley and such. Because last year I spent most of the time waiting in queue to get Ogata Megumi and Yamaguchi Kappei’s autographs…. and of course I also went to listen to them talk. So I probably had only an hour without nothing to do and that I spent eating. xD But yeah, this year I definitely want to talk to people!

I’ll have Yumei and Kasumi with me, I’ll try to have one of them in hand when I walk around… so perhaps that’ll help to recognise me. Because otherwise I’m just gonna be wearing black clothes and I have a black bag so I don’t really stand out, haha. xD

But yeah, if you spot me, do come say hi! I’ll also try to keep my eyes open for fellow doll enthusiasts~ :3

I’ll be back next week, then I’ll work on uploading the backlogged photoshoots into this blog and also post about my new arrivals. ^^


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