Welcome! Colourless is my hobby blog and sort of like a photography portfolio, as well.

Here you can find the latest photos that I’ve taken of all my dolls, both BJDs and Azones, as well as figures. If/when I get around writing my doll characters’ stories, I will be posting those here too. I will most likely ramble about my dolls’ characters every once in a while. Please refer to “Profiles” for short introductions of my doll crew.

I will also post about other hobby related things, like sewing and sometimes crafts and customising. I’m thinking about using this blog to make updates about my Etsy shop: I will post photos of the sales clothing as well as commissions.

And, well, whatever else comes to mind. This blog keeps expanding over time, it seems, haha. xD

I hope you enjoy your stay!

~ mizya

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