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Restyling wigs

August 28th, 2018 | Posted by mizya in Reference - (1 Comments)

I’m really bad at updating this blog these days, ahah… (( ´∀`;)) But today I got new wigs from Crobidoll, which I ordered from their Summer Sale. Crobidoll has good quality wigs and they have a nice discount for some of them (and for some of the clothes, eyelashes etc) right now. I recommed checking …
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The twins’ grand entrance

November 3rd, 2016 | Posted by mizya in Dollfie Dream - (1 Comments)

Aaahhh, I’m so excited!!! o(≧∇≦o) Yesterday arrived my Dollfie Dream Kagamine Rin & Len dolls~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ When I found out that Volks was gonna release Rin & Len as DDs, I was super psyched – out of the Crypton VOCALOIDs, Luka and Rin & Len are my favourites~ ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪) And I also like Meiko a …
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A Stroll in the Snow

January 25th, 2016 | Posted by mizya in Dollfie Dream - (9 Comments)

I took these photos of Megumi when I was visiting my parents in the countryside, as from their place it’s a shorter trip to Lahti, where Desucon Frostbite was held. Since I didn’t go to the con on Sunday the 17th, I thought that I’d snap a couple of photos of Megu-tan outside since she …
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The Galactic Nymph’s entrance

November 17th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Dollfie Dream - (7 Comments)

Still backlogged, unfortunately. I’ll try to have the time to get this blog up to date and reply to comments soon. ((´∀`;)) But today we have another new dolly in the house, as the Dollfie Dream Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome that I hunted down from Yahoo!Japan arrived, yaaay~! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Earlier this …
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The Missing piece arrives

September 15th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Dollfie Dream - (11 Comments)

Today’s arrival is one that I’m veeery excited about! O(≧∇≦)O I have a grail of each type of the collectibles that I’m into: from BJDs it’s Dollshe SA Husky, from Pureneemos Komorebimori no Doubutsutachi Usagi-san Miu and from figures it’s Alter’s Momohime. All of those three I’ve been able to bring home, thankfully, but I …
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Lizanna eyes

May 22nd, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Dollfie Dream | Reference - (8 Comments)

I still have some posts to make and photos to re-size but I’ve been pretty exhausted this week. (;´∀`) I’ve resized the photos from the Sakura Park meet up, but I haven’t finished re-sizing the individual shots of Ume. And I also need to reply to comments… last week was so hectic that I’ve been …
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