WIP sewing

Yay, first post regarding my shop. :3 I’m sewing some lace cardigans for sale again… actually been working on these for quite long already since I haven’t had much inspiration (and RL things keep interfering with hobby things). But now I decided that I’ll get these done by next week at the latest. I’m sewing a total of six of them, one is for a friend and the rest will be for sale. I already put them up in my shop as a pre-order: here

I took a WIP photo for fun, since I’m having a small break from sewing them:

From the photo it doesn’t look like much is happening, but… I can assure that there are piles of different pieces everywhere, haha. x’D

Once I get these done, I’m going to sew a bit of my own things for a change… and then I’ll make more of the Blue and Beige ones for sale. My goal is to get them done and up in the shop by the end of this month, or early August. We’ll see.

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