Here are some things that I’m currently selling.  
I am located in Finland (EU).
You can contact me via email: miiza.u[at] 
I am a member at the international ABJD forum, Den of Angels, as well as the Finnish forum, Hartsilapset. In both forums my nickname is “Mizya” and I have feedback threads: DoA & HL
I also have feedback on eBay and Etsy

Prices are negotiable if you buy more than one item! Email me and we’ll talk! :3


List of items currently for sale

Azone: Picconeemo 1/12 clothes & hat new!
Azone: Picconeemo 1/12 shoes, shirt & hat new!
Azone: Pureneemo 1/6 clothes
Azone: Pureneemo 1/6 shoes
Azone: Pureneemo Alice’s Tea Party Minami dress set new!
Azone: Pureneemo extra hands
BJD/DD: Luts DW-246 (Soft Blond)
BJD/DD: Tata’s Paradise NO:YZJ001 Y-stand (type B)
BJD: Tata’s Paradise Wing necklace
BJD: Tata’s Paradise lollipops & cookies set
BJD/DD: straw hat 9-10″ new!
BJD: White fur stole, 40cm girls
BJD: F-Zero light brown wig, 6-7inch
BJD: Toolbox 1/6 scale
BJD: Crobidoll CRWM-87 #MellowCream, 7-8inch (MSD)
BJD: Red/Pink stripe socks, SD/60cm+ dolls

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Doll items for sale