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I am pro-artist and anti-recast.
My collection consists of only authentic dolls created and manufactured by their respective makers.

Support BJD artists!

I generally steer away from the recast debate because the pro-recast “arguments” are so terribly flawed that I only get irritated when I read them. Because there is NOT ONE good reason for buying recasts. Not one. BJDs exist in all shapes, sizes and colours. The price range is also varied. There is surely something for everyone.

Recasts are harmful to the BJD industry, community and individuals. They contribute nothing. They rob the artists of their time, hard work, creativity and livelihood.

These aren’t just “companies” that are being harmed. They consist of people, with feelings, dreams and passion. We should be humbled and grateful that they share their art with us by creating these beautiful dolls.

Without the artists, none of us would have this wonderful hobby in the first place. So give credit to the people who it rightfully belongs to, and purchase authentic dolls. Only that way you are able to contribute into the future development of the BJD hobby and industry.

I support the original artists and I wish to have nothing to do with recasts or their owners/supporters. You are hurting my friends and people who I admire, which is inexcusable to me.

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