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The Queen of furs

October 13th, 2013 | Posted by mizya in BJD | Fantasy crew | Photography

I popped into town yesterday and found this gooorgeous (fake) fur. It looks and feels so luxurious, I absolutely love it~ ♥ Usually I only find these really crappy coarse furs, so it was definitely a very lucky find. I’ve been planning to make some things as soon as I come across the perfect fur and now I finally did. I already started working on something, hopefully I’ll be able to show it soon. :3 But anyway, in the mean time I tested it as a backdrop with Baal and Nyx… with Baal yesterday and with Nyx today. Baal was my first choice because if he was able to transform into a full wolf (like his daddy), I’m sure that his fur would look like this… the texture and colour is perfect for him. x3 And Nyx… well, she’s the Queen, so obviously rolling in luxurious furs is something that she does a lot, lol. xD

But yeah, here are some snapshots:

And the single shot of Baal from yesterday:

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