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Sweet doll

I took these photos yesterday, but since I had older photos to post and I was already feeling sleepy, I didn’t have the energy to post these as well, haha. xD; I’ll have to try to keep this blog more up to date so that I don’t have to post three entries at once again. =.=;;

But yeah, anyway… I took some more photos of Mi Cha ’cause I’m so pleased with her and dressing her is a lot of fun~ Ever since I sold Riya’s body, I haven’t really had a cute girl so all these clothes have been lying in the clothing box, unused… ’cause Yun does not do cute. :’3 She’s an edgy, sexy girl so frills would look very out of place on her, haha. But now I have Mi Cha, who can pull off casual cute as well as more “dressed up” cute~

Of course I had to try this Angell-Studio dress on her first. I eyed at it for several years and then finally last Christmas I decided to buy it. It’s so pretty, and looks sooo cute on Mi Cha! >////< ♥ At firs I wasn't sure how I'd like her with such a pale skin tone, but easpecially dressed like this she looks like a porcelain doll~ Funny to say that a doll looks like a doll, but... somehow she just does! xD Ahh, I love her so much~ ;u; She has the cutest face and she's so photogenic, too! I don't regret one bit trading Angela for her, she's so much more expressive... and I also love her character a lot. She's been through some very difficult times, but she's still very sweet and loving. Now I just want to take her see Min Ki (her boyfriend), I'm sure that they'll look adorable together~ ♥

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