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Red dusk

I’ve been suffering from a nasty headache all day and as the sun was setting I got some energy to try taking photos… ’cause Mihail cheers me up, being my perfect dream doll. And well, I always love a man in an uniform, ahaha. >A>;; He’s such a dapper motherfucker with this black uniform, suddenly he has attitude like whoah — he’s all sassy. x’D I’m not completely rid of all the stressing things yet so I don’t generally feel all that cheerful, but… well, hopefully things will get sorted out soon and I can try to relax for a change and focus on sewing and other things…

He pretty much blends into the background… but all my lighter bigger background fabrics are too girly (as seen in the previous entry lol) and I was too lazy to set up one of the backdrops ’cause it needs special arrangements. Well, one of these days I’ll take him outside and have a nice nature background. Yep.

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