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Quiet times

September 16th, 2013 | Posted by mizya in BJD | Fantasy crew | Mafia crew | Mini crew | Photography

My lectures started again last Monday so now I spend most of my days at the university again. This obviously means that I’ll have less time for dolls, but I’ll still be taking photos every once in a while. My Feny was shipped out last week and now I’m waiting for the fourth day for him to arrive in Finland… I certainly hope that he’ll arrive soon, I wouldn’t like to go through another lost-in-the-mail-for-two-weeks situation like I did with Mihail. >__<;; My Crobidoll GO is also in limbo, but for the 5th day already. But yeah, here are a couple of recent snapshots: [caption width="467" align="aligncenter"] Testing out a wig that I got for one of my future dolls… I still need to tame it a bit more[/caption]

Mihail with his gun that I got from Tata a while ago

Finally got around reassembling Moros… he’s been in pieces for weeks, ahah…

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  • Fyrd says:

    I’m usally not that into Dollshes, but I gotta say that your Mihail is just melting me… And that B&W photo of him is plain perfection!

    • mizya says:

      Aww, thank you~ :3 ♥ Hopefully my SA Hound won’t take much longer to ship, I can’t wait to take photos of him and Mihail together. *^* ♥ I just love dressing them in suits, those slim bodies with their long limbs are perfect for formal wear~ ♥

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