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New boy

I ordered Aiden from Withdoll in the beginning of January and he arrived yesterday. Well, technically I had to go pick him up from the PO myself because the postal service sucks (lazy mailman won’t bring me my EMS packages 90% of the time, grr), but… yeah. I was at the uni yesterday and I only got to pick him up in the evening, so I didn’t have time for more than a couple of blank photos and I also photographed the cool shoes that I was able to buy since I ordered the Fallen Angel version. Those photos can be found in mine and Yenna‘s Withdoll tumblr blog.

But yes, today I had a day off from the uni, so I decided to wake up early in order to work on Seiga’s face up. While he was super cute already blank, I still prefer my dolls with face ups, haha… xD So yeap. I haven’t painted anything in a while — I guess Mi Cha’s face up in Dec-Jan is the latest — so I was kinda lost for a change and made some really stupid mistakes. So the first face up was a complete fail, I didn’t even finish it all the way and wiped it off. I had a small snack break and then decided to give it another go – and everything just… fell into place. I even got the lashes down perfectly on the first try, which was kinda freaky… usually I have to re-do them at least once. But I was really on a roll, I finished the second face up in half the time that I spent on the first one. :’3 Of course, it’s not a 100% perfect, but it’s pretty good and I’m very happy with it. He certainly looks like Seiga now. ^^

Some years ago I had Seiga as a Dream of Doll Twin-b… but he didn’t stay here for long because I didn’t bond with him too well. Mainly because in the story Seiga is already 20+ ad the Twin-B looked more like his 15~16-year-old self… I had such a hard time thinking of him as Seiga, because in the story he’s already a tall, handsome young man. No longer a cute little boy… so, I sold the Twin-b one. I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d get Seiga back as a doll (especially since his girlfriend is Yenna‘s Chieko and she has no plans to get her as a doll), but when Withdoll released Aiden, I kinda took a liking to him… and the more I thought about it, the more he looked like he could be an older Seiga. So I added him to my wishlist… and when I sold my Juwel and Angela, I decided to buy Cathy and Aiden to replace them.

And boy am I ever so glad I did this change. ;^; ♥ Both Cathy and Aiden are such wonderful sculpts and so photogenic! I’m so excited about them both and they’re the perfect shells for Mi Cha and Seiga, yaaay~ I already snapped a bunch of portraits, even though Seiga doesn’t have clothes of his own yet… all the MNF clothes have too short sleeves and pants legs and then Hisoka’s clothes are three sizes too big. x’D I bought a pair of pants and commissioned a vest from Yenna, so I only need to make a shirt for Seiga and get him a dress shirt and a suit jacket from somewhere… but yeah, at least once I get the pants + vest, I can take some more interesting photos. :3

Here’s what I have so far:

My handsome lawyer-to-be~ *A* ♥

With that hairstyle and outfit he looks like a Korean boyband member to me, lol. x’D I love ittt~ Seiga himself wouldn’t choose this kind of hairstyle, it’s all his brother… ’cause Kei is very trendy and fashionable and he’s a hair & make up artist, too. :’3 He does whatever he wants with Seiga and Hisoka’s hair, because neither of them can say no to him, lol… xD

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