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Midsummer (Part II)

June 26th, 2013 | Posted by mizya in BJD | Mafia crew | Photography

And here’s the other part of my midsummer photos… a.k.a. Mihail handsomeness. xD I got this idea for a photo with him, which was probably the sole reason why I wanted to go to the cottage in the first place, haha. I didn’t quite get the shot that I envisioned, but I still rather like these. Mihail is half-Finnish, so I figured he should embrace his roots and enjoy the Finnish summer. Only he doesn’t look like he’s into it at all, lol. x’D Always so unimpressed, this one. Too bad that the water level was pretty low, the photos aren’t as impressive as they could’ve been. Oh well, I’m sure he wouldn’t have wanted to get his feet wet, lol~

I disapprove of smoking, really… but I figured that Mihail’s character is the kind of tightass who could smoke a cigarette or two every once in a while to relieve stress. :’D I bet he picked up this bad habit from René…

And yes, this is as casual as Mihail gets. x’D He’s such an amusing guy.

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