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Backlog VIII

April 26th, 2014 | Posted by mizya in BJD | Fantasy crew | Mafia crew | Mini crew | Photography

Some more backlogged random photos… XD;; I really should get around updating this blog regularly. “”oTL Well, perhaps once I’m done with my studies for this semester (end of May).

These are mostly Alisa because she’s been modelling clothes for me.

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2 Responses

  • Fyrd says:

    Those Angell Studio birdies are soo cute XD I was tempted to make an order with them just get those myself. And that picture is so funny!

    Also loving the Alisa spam, especially the one with a teaparty with her toys/animals is super cute.

    • mizya says:

      Haha, yeah they are. xD I made an order to AS solely for the purpose of getting them, oops. “”oTL Well, at first I figured I’d only be able to qualify for three of them but luckily enough people joined the GO and I got them all, yay~ I love everything chick themed, lol. xD They make good friends for Seth, definitely…

      Hehe, she’s my cutie princess. x3 I have some photo ideas for her, hopefully I’ll be able to execute them soon~ I got her one of those MLP figurines today, she has so many toys now, haha…

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