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Back to indoors photography

It’s been really hot here since I got back… I wish there would be a rainy day in between so that my apartment would cool down a bit. @__@;;; But well, today I was hit by inspiration so I decided to try taking some photos… at first I photographed Nyx, but then as I was going to arrange everyone better into the showcase, I was inspired to change Lin’s clothes and got this idea for photo while I was at it.

Taking it proved to be quite the challenge, though, as I rather suck at posing dolls that I’m not used to handling. x’D Not to mention that it’s too damn hot and I even had to turn off the fan because it kept messing up Lin’s wig (and I was also afraid that the air current might make him fall). =__=;;; But once I get something in my head, I have a hard time giving up… so I keep trying until I succeed. I can be really stubborn sometimes, haha.

But well… while the end result could be better, I still rather like this shot. I love the sepia-ish colours, too~ >u< ♥ And Lin is, of course, a cutie! He’s been here for quite long already, I don’t even remember how long… but Yenna hasn’t demanded him back so I’ll get to keep him, for now anyway. xD



Here’s also one Nyx photo from earlier today:


  • Roterwolkenvogel

    Shall I send over some rain? We are drowning here xD

    That pose is absolutely amazing! I’m always blown away how awesome you pose the dolls you photograph and Lin is just such a cutie <3

    (Nyx of course is awesome as usual!)

    • mizya

      It worked, because we had a huge downpour around midnight and it got cool for a while, yay! xD It’s really terrible about the floods in Germany, though. ;__; Rain is nice but too much is too much… it really sucks how there seems to be mostly extreme weather conditions these days (either it’s dry and hot as hell or then it rains for days). ~__~;;

      Ahah, so many compliments~ Thank you, I’m really flattered! :3 ♥ I don’t know if I’m that good at posing (it always takes a while to get used to a new type of doll), but I always try to make them look as natural as I can… it’s something I enjoy seeing in doll photography so that’s what I strive towards, too~

      Lin is a cutiepie, yes. ;u; ♥ Luckily I can sometimes steal Yenna’s dolls so I have others to photograph too, and not just mine all the time, haha. xD

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