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Time for heroics

January 1st, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Figures | Guests | Photostory | Silly

This was a random silly thing that I photographed last after I’d taken photos of mine and Yenna’s demon siblings… I know, you all would rather see those photos, but they need more editing and I’m laaazyyy. xD Only used auto colour + contrast for these so they were easier, lol. I’ll get the other photos up eventually, I swear!

But yeah… since Yenna had her Cuarto’s dragon with her and he’s a nice scale with figmas, I photographed Link, uhh, approaching him. x’D Here’s what happened:

It’s a dragon! Prepare for battle!!


… uh-oh…



Hmm… something is not quite right…

A surprise attack should work!

… What’s that?

Just minding my own business… definitely not up to anything, no…

And later…


The beast is asleep? Now what am I supposed to do? Huh…

… Yeah, me and my lame sense of humour again. :’D You can see how the light was disappearing because the last photos are all dull but… too tired to edit. “””oTL /fail

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