Windy Shore

I still have those backlogged box openings to post, but I thought I’d prioritise some quality content for a change, haha. ( ´∀`) … well, as quality as they can be under the circumstances. Currently the weather is like: rain, snow, rain, cloudy, rain, snow etc… the scenery is something between winter and spring, and it ain’t pretty. ~( ´•︵•` )~

But, I can do only so much shooting indoors before I get completely bored and crave to go outside. And, well, fresh air and exercise is never bad either – so I packed up Momohime, Sachiko, Eru, Motoko and my camera in a bag (that my hairdryer came in, actually, lol! who knew it would be so handy for this kind of thing, I could’ve still fit at least another Pureneemo, Picconeemo and figma in there) and headed to the lake. Only, when I got there, the wind was insane!! ( ̄□ ̄) I almost froze right away but I thought, damn if I don’t get even a couple of decent photos!! And proceeded to shoot Momohime first, since I don’t need to pose her, just roll in the mud and snap away – but once I’d photographed her, I was so damn cold and the wind felt like it was getting stronger… I did take Eru out of the bag but the wind tried to blow her hat off and her hair was all over the place so I didn’t even bother taking photos… just packed everything up and headed back home.

But at least a few of the Momohime photos turned out really nice, so I have a small shoot to post! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

You can see a bigger (better) version of this shot in my flickr: here.

I mostly collect figures just for the sake of having pretty things, but occasionally it’s nice to take photos of them as well. Especially if they’re detailed and have an interesting pose, like Momohime does. ♥ And well, the bonus in photographing scaled figures is that I don’t have to pose them like my dolls, lol… especially BJDs can sometimes be so darn frustrating, falling all over the place. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ


  • Irene

    Those are such awesome shots though! Definitely worth facing the evil weather for!
    I think I’m incredibly lucky right now – it’s 30 degrees here with warm wind and sun *o*

    • mizya

      Thank you! ^^ The wind was so strong that Momohime was wobbling, even, but luckily I managed to get sharp photos despite of that! ♥ Sometimes I manage to screw up the focus completely… thankfully this time it was a win for me, and not to the weather, haha! xD

      Yes, you are very lucky! ;__; I just looked out of the window and we’ve gotten snow over night. :’D No wonder I felt chilly when I woke up… this is one rollercoaster of a weather right now!

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