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Inspecting new surroundings

August 3rd, 2014 | Posted by mizya in Figures

Finally had the energy to at least resize these, ahah… but yeah, Levi’s first photoshoot. I didn’t get quite the kind of photos that I wanted, but well… I’m still figuring him out and how to photograph him the best. I’ve been looking into getting a horse for him, hopefully I’ll work something out. It’d be real cool to have him ride a horse, haha. xD

I guess most people would be satisfied with just having the figma but not me, nope. “They have horses in the series, so I must get him a horse!!! (>д<)9 ” Sometimes I kind of hate my perfectionist self. “””oTL I don’t want a horse that looks like a toy, either, so it won’t be cheap, ahah…

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  • Spica says:

    Cool pictures! :3 There’s actually a Figma horse waiting to be released so maybe that might be a right choice for you if you are looking for a steed for Levi. I’m not sure if it fits your standards for a realistic-looking horse but at least it’s well articulated for all kinds of poses.

    • mizya says:

      Thank you! :3 No, I haven’t known about the figma horse until now… I’d definitely like a poseable horse, but there’s something about that horse’s head/face that bugs me. The eyes look too big somehow, I guess? :S I need to keep looking some more and then decide what kind of a horse I’m gonna buy for Levi. But thanks for the tip! ^^

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