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Double the beauty

February 17th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Figures

Wheee, I got to pick up two pretty figures today… and some BJD supplies and a pair of circle lenses for myself, but naturally this box opening shall focus on the figures, not the other stuff, haha. ( ´∀`)

I’d ordered these on separate days, but I ended up getting them on the same day after all… that usually happens. Although, I was pretty annoyed ’cause this morning I still had no idea about the other package’s whereabouts, it had left Japan over a week ago and the Finnish postal service’s tracking system still couldn’t find it. Well, I checked my mailbox as I left in the morning and there was a note… thanks to that I found out where the package is. They always create their own tracking code for the packages when they arrive in Finland, although the tracking SHOULD work with the original code, too. But some idiot had typo’d the original Japanese tracking code, so of course I didn’t receive any updates with it, grrr! But well, at least I finally found that damn package. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

I didn’t realise that figures come in huge boxes… I barely managed to fit one in my backpack (although I couldn’t close the zipper all the way) but the other I had to carry in my arms because the bag that I’d prepared was too small for it. (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) My back is dead again now, ahah…

I included Kotori for size comparison. Damn bigass boxes. (。´∀`)ノ

First I had to unbox Alter’s Momohime, of course! I’ve wanted her for years and now I finally have her~ ヽ(;▽;)ノ The box had damage and thanks to that her price was reasonable, considering that she was unopened.

The box is so pretty~

And next up is Megurine Luka by Max Factory! She’s my favourite VOCALOID with IA~ She’s also unopened and brand new.

Box shots~

Both lovelies! (*^▽^*) ♥

I really hate opening these plastic things! It took me a while to realise that there was wire holding the two pieces together when I was unboxing Luka. I was like “I cut all the tape, why isn’t this coming off?! 「(゚ペ) … oh. (゜-゜)”

Aaahhhh, they’re both so pretty!! O(≧∇≦)O ♥ ♥ ♥

Momohimeeee~ She’s just so, so beautiful! ♥ You have no idea how I’ve pined after her all these years! o(;△;)o

I haven’t known that long about this Luka figure, but damn was it love at first sight. She’s based on Tony Taka’s artwork, sooo pretty!

My small but growing collection, eheh~

It certainly feels nice to open up some boxes after that con disaster, haha~( ´∀`)Especially when one of them happened to be my grail figure. ♥ I never really felt the need to own any figures… I mean, sure, I liked looking at them but I didn’t feel like buying any (also because I was such a kid back then and used up my pocket money on manga and copic markers, I couldn’t have even afforded to buy figures – let alone been able to order them from Japan) for maaany many years. But I got the Oboromuramasa game in… 2010? And I totally fell in love with it. ♥ One day I was randomly googling artwork ‘n’ stuff, when I came across the Momohime and Kongiku figures and was all omg! Because the game is gorgeous and when I saw that they’d made such pretty figures of the characters, I was just ecstatic! Only, then I found out how expensive and hard to get they are, ahahah… (゚Д゚;) It took several years of saving up, but finally I found Momohime for a reasonable price and I had the money, so I put her in my shopping cart at lightning speed, lol! And now she’s miiiineeee and I’m so happy~ (´ ▽`).。o♡ I’m happy about Luka, too, because she has a really lovely dynamic pose and she’s really detailed, too~ ♥ Since figures have fixed poses, I wouldn’t want to buy anything that’s too static… those would get boring to photograph (and look at) in the long run.

I have a couple of other pre-orders running, so I should be getting some more lovelies this spring~ ♥

Here are some test shots that I posted in flickr:

The Princess of Narukami

Megurine Luka

Dancer in the Dark

Tomorrow I’ll take Momohime out for an epic snow photoshoot, for sure!

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  • Janina says:

    Hnnnnggghh!! DAT LUKA!! ;______; Oon himoinnu tota Lukaa jo monta vuotta ja viime Japanin reissulla kun löysin sen vihdoin kohtuullisella hinnalla ja olin menossa seuraavan päivänä ostamaan sitä, niin eikös se tietysti oltu myyty….!! Mut kyllä se on nätti ei voi muuta sanoa!! Rakastan tota vinyylilevy-alustaakin mikä sillä on! Ihan täydellinen!
    Momohime on myös tosi nätti! Mä haluisin Kongikun omaan kokoelmaani! Rakastan Vanillawaren tyyliä niiden pelissä ja oon ilonen et monet figuurit jäljittelee just sitä samaa ulkonäköä kun pelissäkin, eikä lähe sooloilemaan liikaa! Mulla on vielä Vitalla Muramasa Rebirth kesken, mutta tarkotus olis sekin tahkota tässä lähiaikoina läpi! Jotkut bosset vaan tuppaa olemaan melkosen haastavia ni hermot menee…. *köh köh röh* XD

    • mizya says:

      Voi ei. D: Kävipä ikävä tuuri! Itse en ole Japanissa päässyt käymään (noh ehkä jos ostaisi vähemmän krääsää, voisi joskus olla varaakin lentolippuihin *köhköh*) niin ei ole fyysisessä kaupassa sattunut vielä tuommoista, että nenän edestä joku menee… mutta mandarakella aina välillä jotain kyttäilen: silloin kun ei ole rahaa, tarjolla on vaikka mitä. Ja sitten kun viimein saa ekstra-rahaa ja menee jotain ostamaan: kaikki onkin myyty. 8) Olisi kyllä varmasti vielä turhauttavampaa, jos ihan Japaniin asti menee ja löytää jonkun ihanuuden, ja sitten ei saakaan tuotua sitä kotiin. >__< Toivottavasti joskus vielä saat oman Lukan! On kyllä aivan ihana tuo, ja tosiaan minäkin tykkään kovasti tuosta jalustasta. Kivan kekseliäs, eikä vaan joku tylsä läpyskä tai koroke. :3 Kongikun ottaisin myös mielelläni, mutta kalliita ovat! Ja Yuzuruhan ehdottomasti haluaisin myös, mutta tietääkseni siitä ei ole PVC versiota ollenkaan tehty, ainoastaan garage kit. ;__; Haluaisin myös ehdottomasti Kisukesta jonkun coolin figun, mutta eivät varmaan koskaan aio edes tehdä... lähinnä tuntuu että kaikki seksikkäät naishahmot saa parhaat figut kun ne vetoaa parhaiten mieskeräilijöihin. Mutta kyllä olisi meitä naisiakin, jotka miehistä pitävät!! XD Noh, kyllä tykkään kerätä naishahmoja mutta olisi kiva saada parista suosikki mieshahmoistakin jotain cooleja figuja. ;u; Ja noista bosseista - I feel your pain. Kiroan ikuisesti varsinkin sitä hemmetin Chimeraa, joka on yksi Momohimen bosseista. En edes muista montako kertaa sitä yritin tappaa ennenkun läpi pääsin (veli heitti minut välissä uloskin kun ei jaksanut kuunnella kiroamistani X'D).... ja sitten kun vielä piti mennä kaikki Momohimen bossit uusiksi vielä Kisukella myöhemmin. Ei hitto kun tajusin, että minun piti mennä se saakutan bossi uudestaan läpi! :'D Minä en muutenkaan ole erityisen taitava peleissä, niin sähellän pitkin... en kyllä aio koskaan kokeilla sitä ekstra-vaikeaa Shigurui modea, jossa kuolee yhdestä osumasta. En pääsisi varmaan alku-demoa pidemmälle! XD

  • Heather says:

    Absolutely beautiful little figures :) I can see why the one girl is a grail, everything about her is lovely!

    Only a Levi figma though? None of the other characters? XD

    • mizya says:

      Thank you! :3 She really is a dream come true~ ♥

      Haha, I got into figure collecting too late to have a bunch of Levis. xD I only started from the figma Levi when my brother bought it as a birthday present for me last year… and only after I got him, I started thinking that I’d like to start collecting figures more actively. So by that point most Levi figures were already released and sold out… I’m extremely picky about them, if there’s even the smallest thing off about the face or hair or the pose is boring, I don’t want to buy it. xD Sentinel’s Brave Act Levi is my favourite Levi figure for sure, someday I’ll have him!

      I do have that FuRyu Mikasa figure and one by Good Smile Company on order… but she got delayed again until March. And I also found a figma Mikasa for a reasonable price and she was shipped today. For the other characters, I haven’t found nice figures that I’d like to own so far… well, I’d like to get Armin figma because I adore him as a character, although the figma isn’t a 100% accurate in my opinion… but so far I only really like the Real Action Heroes doll of Armin and not any of his figures. The doll has the most accurate face and hair – but I can’t justify start collecting those because they’re bigger and more expensive. I cry, though, because Annie would also be available as a RAH doll and she’s beautiful, but… I just can’t have everything! Hopefully one day I’ll find lovely figures of Armin, Jean, Annie, Hanji and Ymir at least, though. ;u; Currently there’s Erwin figure in the making by Sentinel, so I probably have to pre-order him once he’s available… the second hand prices are always so high. >_>;;

      • Heather says:

        Yeah, it drove me nuts that Armin was one of the Wonderfest limiteds… I was already ordering the two Idolmaster girls (I know nothing about the anime, I must admit, I just thought they were so cute -_- ) and I really didn’t want to spend $100 on a few figma 0_0

  • Valneanne says:

    Oh! They look awesome! Though my knowledge of who they are is uh… Awesome in an entirely different way :P That said, Momohime looks stunning! The colours are really wonderful together and yeah, I can see why she was a grail to you. Which reminds me that I completely forgot to say anything about the pictures you had of her in another post xD But they were stunning!

    • mizya says:

      Haha, that’s okay. xD Momohime is from a game that isn’t very mainstream and Luka is a Vocaloid… so if you don’t follow Vocaloids, then it’s no wonder you don’t know her. Heck, even though I follow Vocaloids, even I can’t keep up with all of them. :’D

      But thank you~ She’s definitely lovely to photograph thanks to her colours, pose and all those lovely details! *___* ♥ The photos that I take of her are more vibrant compared to my doll photos… I guess that’s because with dolls I like dressing them in earthy colours, so the photos are quite monochromatic too, haha. xD

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