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July 15th, 2016 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (0 Comments)

I published some old box opening photos that have been sitting as drafts for… several months, ahah. (( ´∀`;)) I always mean to work on my blog but then I have so much other things to do that I put this stuff off for weeks… and then I get overwhelmed because there are so many …
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Towards the New Year

December 29th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Azone | Blog related - (2 Comments)

I’ve been at my parents’ place since the 18th as I came to spend Christmas here. We had a very small celebration amongst just the family like every year… I much prefer that than any big parties. Not a fan of the commercial side of Christmas, it’s more about spending time with the family for …
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Sorry for spamming, but I figured I’d make a small reminder about my trip to Helsinki next weekend, 17th-19th of July. More info: here. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I have some of the backlogged posts up… a couple have been up for a while and some are more recent. I still have three photoshoots …
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Break from blogging

June 18th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (2 Comments)

As the title says, I’m having a break from blogging as I’m not at home. I arrived yesterday at my parents’ as I’m here to do some renovating and catsitting. Summer has arrived so mister Valtteri wants to go out all the time… although he’s lazy at actually walking and mostly just lies around, lol. …
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Selling a bunch of items!

April 21st, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (0 Comments)

Blatant advertisement, sorry. But I have a sales page where I’ve listed a bunch of new stuff: one figure, a Dollfie Dream head, Azone clothes and a huge bunch of BJD stuff: http://www.eternalwinter.org/blog/selling/ Please check it out~ ♥ Some of the stuff I’m also selling on Den of Angels and Hartsilapset (the Finnish BJD forum).

Mobile version fixed

January 29th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (0 Comments)

… more or less, anyway. At least the entries shouldn’t be all over the place anymore. Although, naturally I only have my Samsung SIII mini to test with and the layout looks okay viewed with it. xD;;; The header image is still stupidly stretched and the top links suck, but you should be able to …
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New layout

January 13th, 2015 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (2 Comments)

Since it’s a new year and all, I thought I’d renew the blog’s layout. :3 Let’s see how I’ll get along this pale white-gray theme, haha… I generally like darker themes because photos look better on a darker background, usually. But well, something different for a change. xD This one’s mobile version is even suckier …
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August 1st, 2014 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (2 Comments)

This blog is terribly backlogged atm, but I’ll be adding the older missing posts as soon as I have the time & energy. This heat wave that we’re having here in Finland doesn’t really help things, gahh. =__=;;; But yeah, don’t be surprised at the suddenly appearing past posts. xD;;

Obligatory first post

March 23rd, 2013 | Posted by mizya in Blog related - (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! I’m launching my new blog today. As those of you who have visited my website before have noticed by now, it’s been on a hiatus for quite a long time. I just don’t have the kind of passion and time for maintaining websites like I used to… but I’ve still been thinking that …
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