Box opening

Tiny arrival

It’s rather frustrating how most of my arrivals happen when it’s the darkest time of the year. xD;; But yeah, anyway… I got a small package from Withdoll, so small that I wondered if there’s a doll in it at all. xD Again, really terrible photos ’cause I have to rely on artificial light…

Lol the invoice covered almost the whole side. x’D
The actual doll box was even SMALLER! Eee, baby box~

So tiny and cute~ >u<[/caption] At this point I was like, wait, what are all these parts… =.=;;

I got the quiver that they’d forgotten from my Elf Emma order, a sweet green sample AND they apparently gifted me the wolf parts set! ;A;

She’s the Strawberry sculpt, although she was renamed “Stacy” for the Werewolf Babies release. I got her in white skin. I played with her a bit, the poseability of the body is pretty good. Although, her big head makes it a bit difficult to balance her sometimes, but her arms and legs work REALLY well even straight out of the box. And she can slouch much better than her 40cm counterparts, ahah. xD A bit later I photographed the wolf parts when there was more daylight:

Gosh darn it, they’re even cuter in person! xD I need to blush them ’cause they wash out really easily in photos, though.
Borrowing an Azone shirt… the sleeves are too long. xD

I don’t have proper eyes for her yet, so she’s using the acrylics she came with for now. Hopefully Mi Cha’s new ED eyes arrive this week so that I can give her old Mako eyes for Aimi and this baby to share. I bought her as Jae Sun and Riya’s daughter, Mi Sun. But the large size of her head makes me hesistate a bit… well, usually tinies in the 16cm range have huge heads, but… it’s one thing to see it in person. xD;; I’ll have to see if I’m gonna keep her after I am able to give her a face up and sew her some clothes of her own. Thankfully she can share my Azone girls’ shoes, so I’ve got that area covered already, haha. xD

I should dig out daddy’s head from the box and have him steal Hisa’s body so that I can compare Mi Sun to him. xD;

Idk, after getting Azones I don’t really like smaller BJDs much for some reason. I haven’t felt very inspired with Alisa (26cm tiny) either recently… but she’s so cute and has been a part of my doll crew for a long time — not to mention the old Bambicrony tan skin is gorgeous — so I doubt I’ll be parting with her anytime soon. But, like, the 30cm Soom fairy that I had and now this 16cm tiny… hmmmh. I’m not all that sure. 40cm range dolls are my favourite size when it comes to BJDs and then I like big dolls around 65-70cm. But all the other sizes are somewhat meh for me. Although now I have a Vito guy incoming from Souldoll and he’s a size in between msd and sd. We’ll see how I feel about him… tho basically he’s just like a taller and slightly bigger msd so I think I’ll like him. But 58~60cm dolls seemed too big and at the same time too small for me, lol. x’D I am weird.

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