Windy day at the lake

It’s been really hot for several weeks which is really unusual for a Finnish summer… I haven’t gotten much done ’cause the heat wave drained all my energy. I can’t bring myself to like the sun because my skin is really pale and sensitive, so it burns the minute I step outside… and also, the harsh sunlight hurts my eyes (can never not wear sunglasses) and can ’cause a migraine… so, yeah. Hasn’t been fun. Now it’s finally getting cooler, thankfully.

Last night was really cool in a long time, I got SUPER excited that I felt COLD for a change. So I left the balcony door open when I went to sleep… aaaand when I woke up in the morning, my throat felt sore. Ooops. Got a bit too carried away. But well, since I’m a completely sensible and logical person, I decided to make a trip to the lake to photograph Yumei. :D I’ve had a photo idea in my mind for a while, but it was waaaaay too windy so I she kept falling over (luckily vinyl dolls can’t break like resin when they hit the rocks, ha ha) and I gave up on my original idea and did something else.

But well, I’m quite happy with these photos anyway. :3

She’s such a cutie~ (´ ▽`).。o♡ I made that hairband for her a few days ago… and that dress is one that I originally made for Monster High dolls, but thanks to the stretchy top part I can also fit it on my Azone girls, yay~

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