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Neemo lineup and posing

Since I have a couple of different body and bust sizes, I figured I’d make a lineup of my Pureneemo girls. Unfortunately I don’t have any XS size dolls, so I couldn’t include that size here. But maybe someday I’ll have a more complete lineup. ( ´∀`)

Seems like my “floor” has gotten bent, no wonder it was damn difficult to get the dolls stand straight. (ーー;) My apologies. 

Warning for naked dollies! 

First the bodies as you can purchase them from Azone.

And then my mix & matching. I wanted my Mio to be taller, but still keep her bigger bust, so I switched the LL bust on the L body. I also put the L bust on one of the M bodies for more variety.
Close up of M bodies with different busts: L –> M –> S.
3/4 view of the busts.
And close ups.
There’s not that much difference in the circumference between the L and M busts, but the LL bust is obviously much, much bigger.
Added the Picconeemo D and M type bodies here. I couldn’t fit all the dolls in one photo as I didn’t have enough floor, ahah.

One thing that makes me sad about the LL bust, is that the neck is much shorter on it. (・∧‐)ゞ I wonder why…

And then I decided to take some photos of the posing capabilities of Full Flection body in comparison to the older Flection body. I’ll be switching it out as soon as I get a replacement with my Amiami order, here you can see why: 

Full Flection on the left and Flection on the right. The legs on the Flection body don’t move to the side AT ALL… it makes posing her quite difficult, especially if the doll has really loose knees.
The Flection body can’t move and lift her arm to the side any more than this… if you try to bend it more, the whole arm comes off, ahah.
Full Flection has no problems in bending its arms.
Flection can only lift the arm straight up. Full Flection can easily bend to the side.
There’s not much difference here… the Full Flection elbows bend slightly better.
And some more leg posing. Full Flection has better balance and looks cuter and much more natural.
The arms on the Flection body are so stiff…
Yeah, you really can’t do much with the legs either. The calves turn a liiiiittle bit, but the thighs just don’t move. At all.
Flection body can only shrug while Full Flection calls for applause for a wonderful performance.

There’s not much difference in their sitting abilities, so I didn’t take photos of that. I mainly just wanted to compare the arms and legs. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


  • Irene

    There’s such a large variety of pureneemo bodies it’s confusing! I have a Pullip on one and I don’t even know which one.. possibly a M or L flection? T_T This comparison is very useful though, I love seeing comparison photos! One day I hope to do one of my all my big BJDs @o@

    • mizya

      Yeah, I was pretty confused in the beginning as well. :’D Now that I have more than one type of bodies at home, it’s easier to spot all the small differences between them.

      I really appreciate it when others do comparisons, so I also try to make them myself whenever I have a chance. ^^ After all, you never know when someone might find that info useful.

  • Valneanne

    Oh nifty! I’m not getting any girls just yet (I’ve yet to find the sister for my Aoto/Fritz and then there’s Yuuta/Hans’ love/crush to find, but on the upside, I’m done once I’ve got them? XD), now watch me come across someone by accident because I just jinxed myself I’m sure, but when I do, this’ll come in handy! I’m surprised by how much I prefer the white skin, I don’t dislike white skin, but I typically lean more towards normal (and in the case of BJDs, normal to tan if the tan’s colder in tone). So huh, learned something new.

    • mizya

      Haha. xD If you go by Azone’s family structure for the dolls, then Aoto’s big sister would be Aika. And Yuuta also has a big sister who is Himeno. ;3

      To me Azone’s white skin is more like the type of normal skin that I love on BJDs. xD My both Yun Hees are this kind of a pale, peachy skin and I love it a lot~ ♥ They so just happen to be my only normal skin BJDs because of that, as many other NS tones are too dark and orange to me. Azone’s normal skin is quite dark and orange, too, but there isn’t really much of a choice… since all the other dolls, except Raili and the Lil’ Fairies, are made only in normal skin. So I just have to deal. xD

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